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Whether your wedding is days, weeks or months away, we know being a bride-to-be is a whirlwind of engagement celebrations, dress shopping, supplier meetings and Pinterest, um, planning.  All that – no doubt alongside your regular job – means there’s less time for things like pampering, and even just looking after, yourself.  So how do you make sure those pre-wedding stresses don’t get the better of your wedding day look?  Today, Sapphire Pink founder Bridget Clare-O’Keefe is joining our pretty pages with her big day beauty countdown

Six months

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Up your intake of natural fatty oils found in things like oily fish and avocado. This will help your skin to glow and your hair to shine.  Start taking regular doses of vitamin C. If you aren’t getting it from a natural source then take it in a supplement form. You don’t want to be feeling run down in the build up to the wedding. The top five natural sources of vitamin C are: yellow bell peppers, guavas, dark green leaf vegetables (like kale), kiwi and broccoli. Contrary to popular belief oranges are only number 7!

By now you should have found one or two face masks that you love. Take 15 minutes extra every second night with your skin care regime to apply a mask. This may seem tedious but it really will help. We recommend alternating between REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal mask and another suited to your skin type, either a moisture rich, oil control or skin calming mask. 

Especially after your hair trial, but also for a good few months before your wedding day, try not to do anything too drastic with your locks. At least 6 months before your wedding make sure you have a consultation with your chosen hair stylist. If you are wanting to make any changes to your hair they will be able to advise you properly and are likely to get you to your goal quicker than if you decide to become acquainted with a box of hair dye!

The final month

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In the final month make sure you are on top of your schedule for the morning of your wedding. There is nothing worse than unnecessary stress due to disorganisation. You want to feel calm, relaxed and super confident on the morning and in order to feel your absolute best you need total organisation.

The most important thing about skincare is consistency. Make sure that if you have any facials in the final month that you have had the treatment before hand and you know what to expect. In the same light do not change your skin care regime in the final month.

I always try to encourage my brides to have their hair and makeup trials about 1 month before their wedding. This way you are less likely to change your mind according to trends etc – Pinterest has a lot to answer for! Your hair and skin will more or less be in the condition that it will be in for the day of your wedding at this point too, so perfecting your up do or picking the perfect finish for your foundation is a lot easier.

If you are applying your own make up on the day, a primer will help keep your make up firmly on your face and no where near your lovely white dress! Use the final month before the big day to try a few different primers. Some work better than others under different conditions so bear in mind whether you will be likely to sweat or if you have to face any outdoor elements!

If your make up artist doesn’t provide you with a touch up make up bag then make sure you have your own ready. The key is to choose essential items such as your lip colour, translucent powder, eye liner and a highlighting concealer. These items will enable you to powder your nose, correct any tear smudges and also vamp up your look for the evening’s celebrations.

Two days before

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Treat yourself to a facial but make sure you drink plenty of water afterwards and ensure that you have had the same treatment before with no adverse reactions.

On the day

It is essential to ensure you are 100% happy with your hair and make up before your stylists leave you. It is your day and as long as you feel beautiful you will look it. I cannot stress this point enough. Do whatever you need to in order to get that natural high of ‘damn I look good’. Our favourite is a feel good song you can bellow at the top of your lungs with your maids while being pampered! Harness happiness and the rest will follow.

Finally one of our favourite things for a bride to do on the morning of her wedding is to open a brand new, never before sprayed, bottle of fragrance to wear on the day of her wedding and on her honeymoon. If you reserve this special scent for this special time, whenever you smell it, forever more it will take you straight back to this happy time in your life!

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From pre-wedding beauty advice to on the day hair & makeup, hen do pamper sessions, nutrition and even Sapphire Blue for the groom, Bridget and her team of health & beauty experts are on hand to make your wedding experience one of luxury, elegance and discretion.  Find out more about their services here or visit

Bridget Clare-O’Keefe




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