How to Create an Insta-worthy Grazing Table

Dani of The Curated Kitchen is absolutely our go-to for beautiful, creative and delicious catering and is one of our B.LOVED Edit directory suppliers. We love the growing trend of grazing tables at weddings and you can read more about the trend and how it started here. Today Dani is here to share her top tips for creating a visually exciting grazing table with her latest lovely shoot set at the magical Syon Park!

“With wedding season in full swing, you may have already encountered one of this year’s biggest event catering trends, the grazing table. A relaxed alternative to traditional wedding catering, grazing tables present a sociable dining experience where your guests can feast on delicious sweet and savoury treats, all while mingling with one another. And they’re oh-so-pretty too! As owner of The Curated Kitchen, I put almost as much preparation into how I style my clients’ tables as I do into the food. Having a photogenic feasting table at an event definitely provides that Insta-worthy ‘wow-factor’ for your guests!

Want to steal the idea for your next event? The grazing tables I create are decadent spreads that often act as a party centrepiece, but the good news is that you can use the same principles to build a smaller grazing table or platter for any size of event. Whether it’s for a bridal shower, birthday party, or summer get-together, it’s sure to have the likes rolling in – both in-person and online! Here’s how to do it.

Start with the Cheese
The secret to a good grazing table is to work in layers, and cheese is the best place to start! Try to have a minimum of three different kinds, and use them as anchors for your design. Add height by placing them on their sides or in a little tower, and be sure to add cheese knives to make it easy for your guests.

Add Produce for Colour
I love using lots of produce in my grazing tables, and I work with local suppliers to make sure that it’s always fresh and seasonal! Choose fruits and vegetables that will add pops of colour to your display, like pomegranates, figs, grapes and heirloom tomatoes. Slice some of them up so they’re in individual portions, and group them in little piles.

Surprise and Delight
A good grazing table should have a feeling of abundance, with lots of delicious little treats to surprise and delight your guests. For your next ‘layer’, dips (homemade, or at the very least decanted into pretty vessels), crackers (in different shapes and varieties for texture), artisan breads, sliced meats, olives, nuts, even edible flowers all work beautifully. I love adding homemade preserves and pickles, as well as sweet treats that I whip up in my very own kitchen. Try to marry interesting flavours that complement each other by grouping them together. For example, a creamy, strong, mature cheddar with a sweet sticky fig relish, Brie with honey and figs, Stilton with berries, or charcuterie with slices of blood orange.

A Word About Styling
As you put your grazing table or platter together, make sure to make it interesting to the eye. Use foliage and florals to complement the fresh produce. Add height with stands and platforms. Choose a variety of platters and containers – I love a mix of heirloom and contemporary pieces for a timeless look! And be sure to arrange the food artfully too. For example, place crackers in swirls instead of uniform rows!

Finally, don’t forget to take a few pictures! Grazing tables were made for sharing on social media, but with all that deliciousness on display, it won’t be long until your guests tuck in!”





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