Creating Chic Canvas Prints for Your Wedding Photos with My Picture!

Something we hear about time and time again from both Couples and Photographers is – print your pictures! Your wedding photographs are far too precious and wonderful to remain on a USB stick, and it can often be such a difficult choice to pick which to print, and how to display them! That’s why we loved it when got in touch as we realised that despite all the amazing shoots we produce at our London Studio, the B.LOVED Hive, with some of the most talented Photographers – we were guilty of exactly the same thing. We didn’t have these printed!

So we wanted try out their services for you and give you some tips about printing your own wedding photographs. With many modern wedding photography packages today you’ll have a Photographer who will cover this for you and provide their own selection of prints – and then there are many who provide you with the option of all you images on a USB so that you can choose your own specific method of printing. I do like this because you can update them over the years as many times as you like – and this is great for when you change your decor or certain print styles go out of fashion. This was a super point about, because there were great options available for the popular Canvas Prints and Framed Prints- as well as Photos of Aluminium, Photos on Acrylic and their slim, light as a feather Forex Plates. You can see their various options here.

With this you can choose whether you want to create a stylish gallery wall ( I LOVE these ) or perhaps some key statement pieces. We chose a bit of both! To create a pretty statement wall with our Editor in Chief Louise’s beautiful desk we chose 2 large canvas prints with white edging. Displaying these pretty bridal details captured by Helen Warner Photography, it is a brilliant finishing touch to the space and I personally find it so special and motivating to have imagery around you. It brings such a little bit of happiness to your day – especially if they are moments from your wedding day or a beautiful family photo session!

I chose a bridal portrait and the other is the details of the stunning Bella Belle Shoes in this shoot. You’ll see how the colours compliment each other with one being mainly white and the other having more blush pink. It’s a great way to create some colour and balance to your decor at home and this kind of thing would look so lovely above a writing desk or sideboard! Couples may not necessarily consider printing details such as your bridal shoes – but you can see it looks pretty amazing! Again, with being super affordable to purchase, you know you can change these up and replace them in a couple of years if you like. Here the lovely Helen Warner Photography captures how we are using our pretty canvas prints;


Next we created a small gallery wall for the lovely lounge area in the studio using these beautiful blush pink and white photos captured by Hannah Duffy Photography at our the Art of Styling Workshop! Choosing the elegant Framed Photo with Passe-Partout we went with the Vintage Silver frame which looks perfect for these colours. It lets the prints stand out from the white wall background without being too heavy a colour for the light and dreamy photo. This is an important tip for you when choosing your own prints! We love the passe-partout which is the chic white border around the image instead of the image going all the way to the frame. It adds more elegance to the style of the print and framing, but also really makes to photo pop. We’re so impressed with the quality and you can see some lovely details of the frames in the photos below as well as how we styled them above our blush pink sofa at the B.LOVED Hive! When creating your own gallery wall, you can keep it simple and chic like this, with a selection of three prints all at the same size – and hang them so that they fit within the width of your piece of furniture. You can make gallery wall displays choosing different sized prints too and that looks amazing for dining rooms, landings and hallways!


Thank you to Helen Warner Photography for capturing these lovely details for you us and to for great service and lovely prints which we are super pleased with!

Take a look at their brilliant wall decor print options at






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