The Perfect Party in Brittany – Nathalie & Mahesh

Having spent months combing the Internet for the perfect destination for their European wedding, Nathalie and Mahesh finally found their dream location (thanks to their wedding planner, Perfect Peach Weddings). They settled on the Chateau du Grand Val in Brittany, France. It was the perfect size, located on a beautiful property with lots of private forest and lakes and had beautiful interior design. 

The couple, who normally reside in Australia, describe themselves as down-to-earth nature lovers. It was important that their wedding was a reflection of their personalities and after countless hours of browsing magazines, websites and Pinterest, they decided on a “greenery” theme.


The Little Details

A self-proclaimed perfectionist, Nathalie meticulously planned every little detail. This included her vision for the floral arrangements. She ordered hundreds of little vases to grace the tablescape and foliage that was used to decorate the ceiling and photo booth. The bride remembers how she shared her vision with a florist based on the other side of the world:

“Prior to the wedding, I spent a day with Sinead Ambrose from Ambrose Flora and Leah Taylor from The Minimalist, to create our flower settings, garlands and bouquet, as well as selecting the right greenery. We then took photos of everything and sent them along with a list of what we used and measurements to the florist in France to ensure she could create everything as close to what I wanted as possible. (The florist absolutely nailed the brief!)”

The Funny Moments

There were quite a few memorable moments from Nathalie and Mahesh’s time in Brittany.

The first arose even before they had arrived in France. The celebrant asked the couple to complete a survey separately about their betrothed. These lovers were clearly meant for one another as it was later revealed they had both provided the exact same answer when asked what they hoped to get from marriage (e.g. “To spend the rest of my life with the biggest weirdo I know”). 

There was also a lost-in-translation moment when the couple tried to explain to the local shop in Rennes that they needed 10kg of cheese for their wedding. The very insistent salesperson would only sell the couple 7kg – which still turned out to be more than enough for these cheese lovers!

The Personal Touches

Nathalie and Mahesh wanted their wedding to be a reflection of their fun loving selves. The following are some of the lovely personal touches they incorporated into their wedding celebration to make sure their personalities shine through the experience:

  • They created their own version of the party game ‘What Do You Meme?” using photographs of them and their friends and family and custom captions. This was placed on each of the wedding tables.
  • They bought some traditional salted butter cookies from Brittany and wrote a brief history of these cookies and the Breton salted butter, which they gave to guests as favours. 
  • They put together entertainment packs for children attending the wedding that they could use during the evening and had to bring to the château on the day of the wedding. As the reception was child-free, they hired nannies to entertain the kids on site during the evening. Nathalie and Mahesh used little canvas bags for the older children and rucksacks from Little Frenchy for the little kids. They filled them with fabric pens/crayons, books, DUPLO and LEGO, balloons and some Haribo sweets.
  • As this was a destination wedding, the couple decided to host a number of events in Brittany on the week of their wedding for their family and friends. This included a welcome dinner at Hôtel du Château
  • The maid of honour drove a car full of German beer all the way to France and another couple bought 100 bottles of wine from Germany in their caravan (because they had to buy it at the cellar to get the wine they wanted).
  • Nathalie and Mahesh hired Peter Baecker as their wedding entertainer, and it was the best decision they made. He’s a crazy energetic Austrian performer, who plays ‘80s music and dances to it in his silver leotard – their friends in Sydney love going to his shows and are a little obsessed. The couple thought one day, “How fun would it be if Peter Baecker played at our wedding?” They looked at each other and just knew they had to at least ask. Peter’s e-mail response was, “YES to everything!” and he was hired. Peter’s performance was the most special moment. All their dearest friends and family who had all only just met three days earlier were dancing together and laughing like they’d known each other forever. 
  • The couple served their guests hot chips at midnight – exactly what everyone wants after drinking and dancing for hours.



Wedding Planner: Peach Perfect Weddings // Photographer: Sébastien Hubner // Venue: Château du Grand Val // Florist:  French Flower Style // MUH: Sandra Lovisco // Catering:  Les Petits Curieux // Entertainment: Peter Baecker // Musicians: Lady’s Orchestra String Quartet // Bridal Gown: Leonardo Salinas