While many of you are planning to tie the knot here at home in the UK, I know lots of you are also tempted by the warmer, sunnier climes promised with a destination wedding.  If it’s something you’re considering (and I’m the first to suggest you do!) then you’ll want to read more about planning an overseas wedding from BLOVED Edit Member and destination wedding expert Paola from Senses Weddings & Events

Senses Weddings & Events is a boutique wedding planning and design agency. We specialise in delivering personal, unique and beautiful weddings in the Mediterranean. We are ideally located in the stunning Balearic islands, this allows us to offer a wide variety of styles, from pristine island paradise to the countryside surrounded by olive groves and vineyards.

I have always been passionate about designing and organising events, when I was in college, and even in school I was always the one planning the different social and academic events. When my best friend of twenty years got engaged, I was the first person she called and said “Paola, our childhood dream has come true…you’re going to plan my wedding!”.

After my Business degree I went on to study Communications and Public Relations, I then moved to Madrid to work as an Events Coordinator for a large fashion magazine publishing company. I was involved in the planning and design of large glamorous fashion events. It was an amazing and extremely valuable experience, where I was lucky to learn from the best. I then went on to managing luxury yachts and designing weddings and events in the Mediterranean.  My passion for beautifully designed and perfectly planned weddings prompted me to found Senses Weddings & Events.

I adapt my style to how my clients envision their wedding, although I always include pretty details, romantic ones its what makes every wedding unique, and people remember those little things.   I believe every couple has a different story and that their wedding should tell this story, it should reflect their style and personality making every wedding we design completely bespoke and unique. Its quite easy to find budget destination weddings, where you get a package deal, but its just the same design used over and over the same one for every couple. I believe in tailor made, unique and romantic celebrations.

Our clients come to us looking for a bespoke and exclusive service, they want an exceptional, memorable destination wedding and that’s what we give them! Our service come with unlimited email and telephone availability, this means that no matter what day of the week it is or what time it is we are available to our brides and grooms who want to contact us. I think that is an important part of our service, since destination weddings can represent certain challenges we want to be available to solve any questions the bride and groom may have during the planning process.

I listen carefully to everything couples tell me, every small thing they mention, its important since a lot of the time we don’t actually meet in person until just before the wedding, so its the best way for me to get to know them. I also ask them to send me pictures of things that inspire them even if it has nothing to do with the wedding, so that I can get to know them better and create a wedding that suits their dreams and aspirations. I try to incorporate details into the wedding that they might of mentioned, things that may seem insignificant at first but make a big difference in that special day. I go through the conversations we’ve had, the notes I’ve taken, the images we’ve shared an discussed, and create a wedding about them, one that is beautiful and unique.

I think that its great for the couple and family to have projects for the wedding that they wish to carry out themselves to personalise their wedding and in to save money, but DIY should not be applied to every aspect of the wedding. In my opinion the three main elements that couples think they can take care of themselves and end up being a big mistake are flowers, photography and coordinating.

Even if some flower arrangements seen in pictures might seem easy and straightforward to recreate, its not really the case when you have to take care of all the arrangements both for the ceremony and reception. You also have to take into account that they need to be transported and kept in a cool place, otherwise they wilt and look nothing like what you had envisioned.

Photography is another thing I feel has to be done by a professional, and not just a professional photographer, but one that specialised in wedding photography. Its so important to capture the moment and the emotions, only good photographers can do that, you will have those pictures for years to come so its definitely worth the investment.

You can’t enjoy your special feeling relaxed and confident about everything if you are having to coordinate things yourself or you have friends doing this. Ideally I would recommend having a wedding planner helping through the different planning stages, an experienced professional will make the whole difference to your special day, but if this hasn’t been the case you should definitely have someone coordinating on the day so that you can fully enjoy yourselves.

There are a few wedding trends I think we will be seeing throughout 2015: Rustic Chic is still big, mason jars, hessian and lace will continue to be in high demand, with special colour touches and details to make each one unique. Many couples are preferring long cocktail receptions and buffet stations to formal sit down dinners. Everyone gets a chance to mix and mingle without following the traditional etiquette. Brides are building their arrangements around seasonal blooms to get that “just picked” effect. Flowers are selected to look like they were hand picked from the same wild garden instead of building arrangements around a certain flower or colour. We can also see a rise in videographers and photographers using drones to capture aerial images, so you can see your wedding from overhead and from any angle imaginable!

Over the next 12 months we plan on working hard and turning more couples’ visions into reality by creating their dream wedding. We base our service on quality, we only take a set amount of weddings every year to be able to focus fully and give the couples all the attention they deserve.

5 things you don’t know about me…

  • I believe in good luck charms. I have 7 bracelets around my wrists that I have not taken off in years! Each one has been given to me by someone special, including my mother, my best friend, my sister, my other sister and my boyfriend. And I also have a lucky troll!
  • I have a little obsession with shoes, I absolutely love all of them, flats, heels, sandals, trainers etc. this has become better over the years and I have learned to prioritise, but I used to be a compulsive shoe shopper!
  • I’m a perfectionist, and even though that is a good thing in my professional life my family and friends don’t always love that side of me.
  • I love cooking; it’s something that relaxes me. I can spend hours cooking a lovely meal or baking. I really enjoy having friends over for dinner and a good bottle of wine.
  • I am so passionate about my job. No matter how many weddings I plan and how many brides I see walking down the aisle I cannot describe the sense of happiness and satisfaction I’m filled with in every one of those weddings.


After a decade-long career in corporate interior design, I took a giant leap of faith, left the security of an office job, and founded B.LOVED in 2011 as a platform for romantic and beautiful wedding inspiration. Thanks to a whole lot of creativity, hard work and passion, my gamble paid off and B.LOVED became one of the leading wedding blogs in the UK.

I'm also a co-founder at The Brand Studio, where I design and curate beautiful photoshoots for wedding and lifestyle brands, as well as running wedding industry community the B.LOVED Hive where I support and nurture wedding pros building industry leading businesses. Yep, I definitely have the best job in the world.

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