16 Seating Charts that You Can Eat or Drink!

Looking for a creative and playful way to tell your wedding guests where they will be sitting at your wedding?

Check out our these fun edible seating charts and place cards (or ‘escort cards’ if you’re in the States). These include personalised tequila shots in a pretty blush Himalayan salt shot glass, numbered coconuts for a tropical inspired affair, personalised juicy fruit perfect for a garden celebration and a tagged baguette for a rustic provincial fête.

We love them all and think they are such a warm and sustainable way to welcome your guests to and get the party started on your big day.

Bon appétit!

1. Rustic Bread Box Seating Chart

2. Tropical Coconut Seating Chart

3. Himalayan Salt Tequila Shots Seating Chart

4. Marie Antoinette Cake Slice Seating Chart

5. Candied Orange Seating Chart

6. Homemade Preserves Seating Chart

7. Sugafina Gummy Seating Chart

8. Cakesicle Seating Chart

9. Tasty Macaron Seating Chart 

10. Butter Cookie Seating Chart

11. Lollypop Seating Chart

12. Wild Honey Seating Chart

13. Fresh Cherry Seating Chart

14. Cheese Board Seating Chart

15. Bosc Pear Seating Chart

16. Limoncello Seating Chart