Expert Advice: Colour Palettes and Photography for Your Wedding Day

So many couples love the aesthetic of the photography and colours that you find featured here on B.LOVED but to recreate that for your own wedding day, there are some really important points you should consider. B.LOVED Edit Supplier Amanda Karen Photography tells us what you need to know about the colour palette you choose for your wedding in relation to your photography. Want that light and airy, dreamy photography look? Then you can’t really have a dark venue and crazy patterned carpets can you :)

“Over the years that I’ve been photographing weddings, there’s been a big change in the world of wedding colour palettes. There’s more adventure, more variation and more combinations than ever before. Even the ‘traditional’ wedding colours have been given a modern makeover when they’re teamed with unusual shades or brought to life with contemporary details. I love colour so it’s wonderful to be with you today to talk about colour palettes and how your selected shades will work with your wedding photography.

However, let’s start by talking about light and I have no doubt that you’ve probably heard photographers talking about light and how important it is for wedding photography. Well, that’s absolutely true but the amount of light that you need really depends on the style of photography that you want.

If you’ve fallen in love with super light fine art photography that seems to be almost luminous, you’re going to need lots of light. This means that your venue will need to have lots of natural light available, both indoors and out, because artificial light simply won’t give you the same effect. You might also want to think about holding your ceremony a little earlier in the day so that there’s plenty of light available for post-ceremony photos (this is particularly important in the shorter winter months). On the flip side, if a grittier, moodier style of photography appeals then a slightly darker space is absolutely fine.

But what does all this mean for your colour palette? Well, again, think about the style of photos that you want. Light and airy photos obviously work well with a light and airy colour palette so for a classic look, pastel shades are your friend here. For a minimalist look, whites and neutrals along with green accents can’t be beaten.

However, if you’ve got lots of light available, you can definitely play with bolder or darker tones too and even metallic accents if you like. A great way to bring in those alternative shades and still get a gorgeous light look is to team darker florals and details with white table linens, fabulous cut glass and even candle light too.

If you’re going to embrace your darker side, rich jewel tones are absolutely ideal. Think of luscious blues and greens along with luxe metallics. You can also ‘create’ some light here too if you like with white crockery and table linens that have light reflecting properties so silks work particularly well here.


The most important thing to say here is that nothing should stop you choosing the venue or the colours that you want for your big day. However, it is really important that you know what style and vibe you’re looking to create on the day and make choices that will give you want you want. You can fill your venue with pastel and white details but you’ll never achieve that truly light look if you’ve chosen a venue that’s naturally darker. So, before you make any wedding decisions, be sure what you want from your day and then plan accordingly.

This also applies to choosing your photographer. Before you sign contracts and pay deposits, make sure that their style also complements the look that you’re aiming for. Someone photographers have a naturally lighter or darker style so again, choose carefully. Don’t book a photographer whose website is full of exceptionally light images and then expect photos with a gritty, moodier look and vice-versa. The best images, and in fact the best weddings, are achieved when everything works together and styles, details, decorations, and even personalities, match.”

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