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Good morning my loves!  I am so thrilled to introduce you to long-time b.loved lovely Anneli, of Anneli Marinovich Photography.  Anneli has been with b.loved since the beginning, and every step along the way, so I am absolutely delighted to welcome her to the!  Based in Surrey, and photographing weddings all over the UK and South Africa, Anneli’s unique style and absolutely lovely personality makes her the perfect match for the team.  I can’t wait to bring you some of the amazing projects I’ve been working on with Anneli recently, but for now say hello and learn a little but more about her!

Over to Anneli ~

Every so often, something very lovely happens. Out of the blue someone will look at one of my wedding / portrait photos and ask me how “I noticed that moment happening” or how I thought of “taking the photo from that angle”, basically, how I see & photograph things the way I do. A lot of it has to do with being quite a visual type of person and then applying that to photography – looking for an interesting angle / how the light falls on a subject’s face, the tender interaction between husband & wife on their wedding day. For me, with any photo I take there are so many things that go through my head during the moments before I press the shutter. Sometimes it’s a question of simply waiting for the right time, i.e. the punch line to a joke to get natural photos of guests laughing / a sweet kiss between husband & wife during the speeches. I’m not blowing my own horn, saying that I capture each and every wonderful moment that happens at a wedding, but I work hard to try and be in the right place, at the right time and I keep my eyes wide open to be ready for those once in a lifetime moments!


So what goes through my head in the seconds before I take a photo? Most often, I’m observing & considering factors such as the light, the subject’s pose & how that works with the light, the background, the overall composition of the photo and what I want to be in focus. These elements all work together to tell a story. Each photographer will have their own style & method, but one of the most precious things I’ve come to realise during my journey as a wedding & portrait photographer, is the fact that the way I look at things and the way I photograph people & objects… are completely unique to me.

Elliot Erwitt said it best: “To me photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place…I’ve found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.”

After thinking long and hard about the topic for my first post (no pressure!), I decided to write a post about falling in love with your wedding photographer, because I feel it’s so important for  b.loved brides to understand the value of finding your “perfect photographer match” and falling in love with the way they “see”.


If your wedding photography is important to you, finding, investing in & building a relationship with a photographer whose eye for capturing moments you admire, will be one of the most valuable parts of your wedding planning as bride & groom. It sounds like an overstatement – but believe me, falling in love with your wedding photographer is important. The better you get to know each other, the more you trust your photographer and the better you communicate – telling him/her what you love about their work & working together on and before the day, the better your wedding photos will be!


As with any healthy relationship, it’s all about communication & shared vision! Make sure you find someone who you’re not afraid to talk to / ask advice from. Your photographer’s experience is a valuable resource, so make sure you tap into it. Something I have started for my 2013 couples, to help them prepare for the big day, is to send them little ‘goodie bag’ which contains a few bits & pieces and most importantly, information on what to expect! I want to help my couples make the most of their day & wedding photos and part of that is becoming a friend & being there for them to help with any questions & to chat through ideas they have for their Engagement Shoot & Wedding photos. I have also started an “Advice for Brides & Grooms” section on my blog, where I discuss topics like making the most of your Engagement Shoot and the various parts of your wedding day i.e. Bridal Preparations. I plan to cover the entire wedding day in different parts, giving brides & grooms ideas & tips based on my experience (as a bride & wedding photographer).


Getting married is incredible, in fact after reading one of my couples’ (Megan & Olly) love stories the other day (featured on b.loved here), I’ve realised yet again, how amazing it is to meet the one person you want to share the rest of your life with. Choosing the best…no the PERFECT photographer for you & your wedding, whose work you love & working with them to capture these once in a lifetime memories, will remain one of the most priceless love stories you’ll ever be a part of!


Click here to visit Anneli’s page and keep up to date with all her latest posts for b.loved!



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