Floral DIY: How to create a spring bouquet

Spring bouquet with peonies, avalanche rose, stock, astilbe, sweet pea, brunia, hellebore,  senecio

This morning I’m spending the morning at New Covent Garden Market, a haven for all flower-lovers and brides-to-be searching for the freshest, prettiest blooms.  At this time of year the market is filled with colour and deliciousness as Spring offers up some of the most beautiful, perfumed flowers.  So over the next 4 weeks I’ve invited Liz from Blue Sky Flowers to share the how-to’s for some of her favourite springtime bouquets, arrangements and floral accessories.  We’re starting this week with a colourful mixed bouquet filled with scented stocks, sweetpeas and the obligatory peony (with such a short season these are a must!), perfect for your bridal bouquet, thank you gift or just a stunning centrepiece for your home!


You will need:

3 stems of each: Coral Charm Peonies, purple Stocks, red Astilbe, Pearl Avalanche Rose, green Hellebore,  Senecio foliage, silver Brunia foliage and 5 white Sweet Peas



1. Remove leaves from each flower stem to approximately half way up. Lay out your ingredients in flower groups and choose one feature flower (Rose or Peony for example) along with a piece of foliage and place in your left hand (reverse instructions if you are left handed!)

2. Gradually add  further flowers and foliage, crossing the stems at approximately a 45 degree angle with those in your left hand keeping the flower head towards your body.

3. Each subsequent stem should be added in the same way creating a spiral effect alternating the type and colour of flower to give an even mix across the bouquet

4. Once you have added all the flowers/foliage, tie the bouquet firmly at the narrowest point with string or twine ensuring that it is tight or the bouquet will be gappy.

To make this the perfect thank you gift, cut a square of cellophane approximately twice the length of the full height of the bouquet, place the cut end of the stems at the centre point and the top of the flowers at the top edge, fold up the bottom of the cellophane to the top like a blanket and gather up the left and right side of the wrapping towards the tied point. Stand the bouquet upright on its stems, even out the cellophane to create a frill around the flowers and tie again tightly in the same place. Pour some water through the flower heads into the centre of the bouquet – slowly or it will overflow.  Choose your bouquet ribbons to complement or clash – nicely – with the flower colours used.

If displaying in a vase, cut the stems to an even length ensuring that the edge of the flowers sit neatly on the rim of the vase. Once you are happy with the height, you may cut the string but make sure the vase is not too wide or the design will fall apart!

Top tip:

To make your bouquet last as long as possible, use fresh water in a clean vase if appropriate, add flower food if you have some, change the water after 3-4 days if possible and don’t place it on a hot surface or near a radiator. If you receive a bouquet, always re-cut the stems before placing in a vase.


Photography: Anneli Marinovich


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