Asymmetrical floral headband tutorial

Floral DIY: How to make an asymmetrical floral headband

Asymmetrical floral headband tutorial

Morning my loves! This week’s the last in our series of Floral DIY’s, sad face. We know you’ve enjoyed our tutorials, but I have to admit today’s is my favourite! As a short-haired girl I’m always at a loss for prettifying my locks for an event or evening out, so I LOVE this simple floral headband created by Liz at Bluesky Flowers! It’s super pretty and easy to make too!

peony, avalanche rose, sweetpea floral recipe

You will need:

1 open coral charm peony, 1 pearl avalanche rose, 2-3 small headed peach rose heads/buds, 2-3 stems ivory sweet peas

Clear plastic Alice/head band

Sharp scissors

Hot melt glue gun (and suitable tray or base for the gun to sit in)

Asymmetrical floral headband tutorial


1. Decide on the ideal shape and size of your headband and choose flowers accordingly
2. Cut the peony and large rose just beneath the heads, leave the smaller rose heads and buds with a little stem
3. Decide where you want the main feature flower to go and place a good blob or glue on the head band, press the cut end of the peony onto the glue and hold for minute or so
4. Add a stem or two of sweet pea to one side of the peony and then continue with roses and other sweet peas on the other side

bloved-uk-wedding-blog-DIY-asymmetric-floral-headband-Tutorial-Anneli-Marinovich-Photography-57 (3)

This head band is so quick and easy to make! It will be fine for a day or so, but probably won’t last longer than that.  You can use any strong flower – roses, dahlia or chrysanthemums – as the feature flower and then experiment with other flowers/foliage/ribbons to go with. You needn’t use expensive flowers – and using fake ones is even easier and means it will last longer too!

Did you love our Floral DIY series and want to see more? Leave a comment below, and we’ll see what we can do…!


Photography: Anneli Marinovich


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