Chocolate Cosmos have to be one of my all-time favourite flowers. Such small, delicate, unassuming beauties with a short window of seasonality from late summer through to November.

My admiration, (bordering on obsession) with cosmos is a fairly recent phenomenon, that developed into a burgeoning love affair the moment that I successfully grew my own flower bed of white cosmos, in my garden three years ago. I was pretty quickly enchanted by their delicate fennel-like spiny leaves and wayward meandering stem. The flower head itself was the last piece of the puzzle.

And then…. I discovered the chocolate cosmos…Let’s just say, the rest is history!

Their captivating velvety petals that flit between black/brown and burgundy create depth and richness to any colour palette, not to mention the shapes that their fine yet strong little stems create. The chocolate cosmos is a little trooper!

They seem however, to be a flower so often overshadowed by bigger, brighter, ‘louder’ flowers but, whenever I use them in my work they are the one flower that receives the most interest and curiosity. Everybody wants to touch them to see if they are real!

So look out for ways that I use them, you might be surprised to see where they crop up! Notice the organic silhouettes that I create with them, that can take something fairly structured and refined, to the next level. Then there are the textures, other flowers and colour ways that I mix them with… Who says that darker and less neutral colour palettes should be restricted to their tonal counterparts…you might be pleasantly surprised when you take them away from complimentary reds and browns, and chuck them in with fuchsia, peaches, coral and even yellow…. Flippin’ heck, now you’re talking!

All hail these little chocolatey darlings!



When I'm not surrounded by flowers or sketching out styling plans, I can be found dreaming of moving to California, renovating my house in West Hampstead and obsessing over my extremely lazy dog, Tilly!