Ranunculus, where to begin…. They never cease in captivating me wholeheartedly.

They are I have to admit, my all-time favourite flower. I could, (and often do) spend hours just marvelling at them, touching their paper thin petals and watching how they change from day to day. As they begin to open out and spread their petals, they can almost double in size and while doing so, their intensity of colour begins to soften, getting paler and paler by the day. To me, they are unassuming and simply beautiful…can you tell I’m a weeeee bit obsessed!?

The ranunculus that always gets me in a flap is the pastello variety; a beautiful pale pink with an almost peachy undertone. I literally CANNOT GET ENOUGH!

A genus of the Ranunculaceae family, they are a close relation to the buttercup, and their direct translation in Latin is ‘little frog’, which could derive from wild ranunculus often being found growing near to fresh water sources.

The ranunculus is a spring flower, but imported varieties do make an appearance again in late autumn through to mid-winter. As ever, flowers are always at their best and their strongest when in their natural season, so I’d always suggest making the most of them in those spring months, which, is a good a reason as any to fill your house to the brim with them while you can… or at least that’s the excuse I use…!!

Although extremely delicate looking, they are tough little beauties, and last well out of water. This is why they are a perfect choice for using in large scale installations, or smaller decorative pieces such as buttonholes and floral crowns. Their stems however are extremely delicate and can split easily, so if wiring or using them in oasis take extra care when inserting and binding your wire, or feeding them into the oasis as they can be prone to split and crush under the pressure.

So, if nothing else what you can certainly all take away from this is, if you want to get in my good books or butter me up… get me a bunch of ranunculus and I’m yours…!

Until next month my pretties, A x




When I'm not surrounded by flowers or sketching out styling plans, I can be found dreaming of moving to California, renovating my house in West Hampstead and obsessing over my extremely lazy dog, Tilly!