We’re often commenting on just how important wedding photography is (top tip: spend as much as you can afford!), and it’s absolutely heartbreaking to hear from couples whose wedding imagery just isn’t as beautiful as they’d hoped.  Even worse when, for whatever reason, there just aren’t any images of the day at all.  Claire & hubby Renny were one such unlucky couple, and as Claire has since become a wonderful wedding photographer in her own right, she’s always felt the desire to get some pretty pics of her and her man.  Luckily, film photographer Greg Finck stepped up to the challenge, creating some suitably romantic memories for them with a fine art couple shoot in beautiful Provence.

One warm August evening after putting our children to bed and enjoying a quiet meal, I asked my now husband if we should get married (all very romantic!). It was clearly a good sign that he didn’t choke on his mouthful! He then said “Does that mean we are engaged hen!?” There really isn’t any end to the romance in this story…! Three months later I became Mrs Graham and I’m happy to say that we have been married for 5 years, I still love him as much as ever, if not more.

We had a very small and intimate wedding in November and a two-day honeymoon in a cold and wet Lake District due to my daughter only being 4 months old. However, the worse thing for us was that our wedding photographs were lost when our photographer’s computer hard drive became corrupt.

As much as we will always hold the emotion and memories of our wedding day in our hearts forever, we still longed for beautiful photographs of the two of us. We knew we could never have our wedding day back again, although I have to confess I’ve considered renewing our vows so many times but we believe that we have already taken our vows and we meant them, so why say them again!?

Then late last year, Greg Finck of Greg Finck Photography (a photographer I have admired for so long) announced he was hosting his first film only workshop in Provence, France.   Are you kidding me!? Apart from being able to learn from Greg, shoot only film photography for my portfolio, it’s Provence!  After booking my place on the workshop the minute it was announced, I was just a little bit keen, I also enquired about extending my visit and incorporating a couple’s session with Greg.

Greg who is such a friendly, humble and talented guy, kindly agreed. At the end of the amazing workshop, my husband joined me and the next morning the three of us headed to a very pretty town called Grignan. Grignan has the most beautiful stone roads to wondering through and breathtaking views of Provence rooftops and scenery. A short drive later, we came back to Les Domaines De Patra, where we were staying and finished our session in the gorgeous grounds amongst olive trees, the lavender fields and poppy flowers.

It was such an enjoyable morning with Greg being very patient with us, especially as I’m so used to being on the other side of the camera.

We received our photographs presented in beautiful and luxury packaging and we couldn’t be happier. Many thanks to Greg for the adorable and much wanted photographs, Kéty at Les Domaines De Patras for being so accommodating and allowing us to photograph there and also Nessa from La Mariee Aux Pieds Nus for supplying a gorgeous bouquet of flowers.



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