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Fross Wedding Collections

Prepare yourself for plenty of pretty, because today we are taking you on a little tour of the Fross Wedding Collections Boutique with Kate Nielen Photography! The lovely creamy colour tones are just so romantic and let the amazing wedding gowns shine with their delicate layers of ruffles, intricate embellishments or stunning lace details. We also interviewed owner Fross Hockley to talk trends, find out more about the Fross Bride, her favourite designs right now, and what experience you can expect at their upcoming Flash Sale! For the career girls, we also asked Fross how she created her dream business, what inspired her and what’s next for Fross Wedding Collections…

Who is a Fross bride? What is their style?
At Fross Wedding Collections we offer a huge variety of shapes and styles of gown so that every bride which comes to us may find their dream dress within our collection. Each of our expert members of staff have different tastes and preferences, so when choosing the dresses from the designers, this makes it possible to offer something for everyone as we have a combination of different styles and influences within our carefully curated collection. A Fross bride is a bride who wants to express herself and her originality through a stunning wedding gown that she loves and feels truly special in.

Tell us about some of your favourite designs?
I am currently in love with the new Charlotte Balbier collection Untamed Love, she is our newest designer. The collection is perfectly put together and the materials and the designs are all exquisite! I also love the return to silk and that fuller silk skirts have come back, it’s such a feminine and romantic material. The new Justin Alexander gowns that have arrived with us are gorgeous, the stunning beading detail is so delicate and intricate, and I very much like Phoenix by Justin Alexander which is a strapless fishtail wedding dress, the shape it gives to brides is just incredible! Furthermore, the Parisian laces which Cymbeline use are so detailed yet gentle and soft which is lovely.

What experience can brides expect at the sale?
At our flash sale brides can expect beautiful ex sample gowns at incredible prices, many are even under half their original price! We have a huge range of dresses that are in good condition, there is truly something for every bride. The brides can expect a relaxed and no pressure atmosphere where they can browse in a happy environment with our expert staff on hand to advise and assist.

Who do you respect and admire in the design world?
I respect a great many people in the design world, one that comes to mind is Charlotte Balbier. She followed in her mother’s footsteps of designing wedding gowns yet branched out to create her own collection, equally as stunning but very different to Amanda Wyatt. It takes great courage and vision to do something like that!

What do you think of trends? Do you follow them or prefer to follow your own style?
Being in the bridal industry, one must follow trends so as to remain current, hold the latest fashions and styles, and attract modern brides. Despite this we still do ensure that we have a whole variety of dresses so that we still hold original and timeless dresses, as well as the more contemporary and trendy pieces which are on the catwalks and all over Pinterest! We like to add our own personal sense of originality and have our own flair within our collection to ensure it remains different and unique from other boutiques, and stays true to our unique style.

Before Fross, what did you do and how does that experience help you now?
Before starting my own business, I worked for many years in accountancy. This gave me a good, in depth knowledge of the way a business is run and how best to bring my dream of running a wedding boutique to life! I also grew up around wedding dresses as my mother made wedding dresses for Berketex. This exposure to beautiful gowns at such a young age gave me a real appreciation for the sheer amount of work and effort that is poured into each and every individual and exquisite gown. It provided me with knowledge about good quality fabrics and taught me how to identify a well-made, genuine dress of fantastic quality. This experience growing up, teamed with my accountancy past, helps me every day.

What motivated you to set up Fross Wedding Collections?
I was motivated by many factors to set up Fross Wedding Collections. It had always been a dream of mine to run a wedding boutique. As I said previously, my mother made wedding dresses, so from a young age I was surrounded by the beautiful fabrics and dresses and this gave me an appreciation and passion for good quality and different styles. I love bridal wear and love being in the industry of weddings, it’s a happy and exciting environment that is ever evolving. I also love getting to be a part of each of our brides Big Days and adore knowing that I helped them find their dream dress which allowed them to feel their absolute best on the most important day of their life! Furthermore, I have a real passion for changing trends and find it fascinating the way that different fashions come and go.

What challenges have you set yourself for the next 12 months?
For the next 12 months I have set many challenges for myself. One of these being to really focus on our bridal collections and invest more time in sculpting this, which may involve a move away from the emphasis on bridesmaid’s dresses within our collection. I also aim to offer more designer day events and trunk shows to showcase our gorgeous gowns and attract more brides to more interesting and exciting events!




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