Gentility, A Fine Art Wedding with Blue, White + Gold

We couldn’t be more excited to share with you this elegant wedding inspiration set within a beautiful Castle in Germany and captured by the fine art film photographer Jasmin of Grace and Blush. Here she is to reveal all the details about the refined colour palette, beautiful decor and fashinable bridal style; “The scenery in this editorial awakens a spirit of times long gone by. We created a scenery of a fine winter celebration curating the most delicate flowers winter has to offer. Our design is a mix of curlicued antique elements combined with modern simplicity.  The old world spirit is flowing together with the present age during the winter period. Blue, white, golden leaves.. Every little little and color palette is inspired by the beauty of winter time. We wanted to create a look that is timeless, fine and honest.

We didn’t want to lose ourselves in thousands of details, but have a close look on the things that really matter. For us, a plate isn’t just a plate. Cutlery isn’t just cutlery. Every little detail creates the effortless design of a beautiful table setting. Katharina Schumm is a gorgeous florist and created timeless and soulful flower beauty. The flower arrangements were inspired by the winter theme complimenting the old world character of the castle. Effortless design for us means: A design which flows with the environment. Choosing every detail so that it can tell a whole story in the end. Not trying to ‘cover’ something to make it look better – but to choose it in the most beautiful way. Let me give you an example: The beauty of chairs. We have already seen it so often: Covered chairs on celebrations. Instead of covering something because it isn’t exactly your taste it’s better to choose it in your taste so that you can focus on it. So a chair can be a element for your whole design instead of something which is disturbing your design flow.

We’re so happy that Alisa designed custom stationery for this shoot focusing on beautiful details like a map to the location. It’s a great idea to have a map for your guests so that they will find your wedding venue in an easy way. The dresses of Helena Harfst Couture are a dream visualized with the finest fabrics. Helena is designing couture dresses for the modern bride. The effortless beauty of her dresses flow perfectly together with the headpiece of Jannie Baltzer, whose headpieces are handmade with finest crystals and a unique statement for every bride.”





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