How To Get Beautiful Photos From Your Wedding Morning

Hi Lovelies! We’re bringing you expert advice today from Wedding Photographer, Amanda Karen Photography. Amanda’s talking you through the beautiful bridal preparations and sharing her tips about how to get the most wonderful photos of this time! Over to Amanda…

“Hello to you all and I can’t tell you how happy I am to be here with you today, particularly as I’m focusing on a subject that’s very close to my heart – beautiful wedding day images. But this feature might be a little different to ones that you’ve read recently about wedding day photography because rather than discuss group photos, couples’ portraits or those oh-so essential shots, I’m taking it right back to the start of the day. Let’s talk about photography on the morning of you wedding…

Now the morning of your wedding is when it all starts. You might well be surrounded by your bridesmaids or your family, you might be nervous or excited and whatever you’ve got planned for the hours before your wedding, it will definitely be a very special time.

I also feel that this portion of the day deserves to be captured for a number of reasons. Firstly, when you tell the tale of your day through your wedding photos, this is an essential openingchapter. It’s also lovely to have the images that capture this special time as you, quite literally, become a bride. I promise you right now that the reactions of your friends and family as they see you, ready for your wedding, will be beyond wonderful.

So, how do you get perfect photos on the morning of your wedding? Well, you might not want to hear this but you do need to plan them out a little. Please don’t worry though or think that I’m about to add a whole heap of new lines to your to-do list. Instead, just follow my guide below and you’ll be all set for perfect preparations:

  • Make time in your wedding schedule – great photography does take a little bit of time and even though your photography will definitely be capturing those fantastic candid moments, some shots will need time in your schedule. Those posed photos with your bridesmaids or family for example will need you all to stop getting ready and smile for the camera. If you know you want photos before you leave, speak to your photographer and your hair and makeup artist so that you’re ready with plenty of time to spare.
  • Think about your backdrop – now I’m not advocating repainting walls or buying new furniture but do think about the backdrop for your bridal prep photos. Keeping the area clean and clear will give you the best shots so think tidy at all times.
  • Being prepared – your photographer will definitely want to photograph your dress, your accessories, your flowers and all of those little details that make your day special so make sure that everything is to hand. This will make sure that you’re not being asked questions or having to stop your preparations to unpack bags and boxes to make sure that your photographer has everything they need.
  • THAT dress – we’ve all swooned over those iconic photos of beautiful dresses hung waiting to be put on and, if you look at those photos, they’ll all have one thing in common. The gorgeous dresses in question aren’t hung on plastic hangers! Oh no, the most important dress in your life deserves better than a standard clothes hanger so why not splash out on a beautiful padded or personalised hanger that will absolutely do your dress justice.
  • Your outfit – of course there’s a wedding day outfit that’s FAR more important for you later in the day but it does make sense to think a little bit about what you’ll be wearing on the morning of your wedding too. From a practical perspective, something that doesn’t need to be pulled over your hair and makeup is a good idea and we’ve seen everything from pretty wraps and robes to personalised shirts and t-shirts and, of course, the super fluffy hotel dressing gown!
  • The photos that you want – as well as needing time, some photos might need a little bit of coordination. If you’d like your photographer to capture the moment that your parents see you in your dress for example, let them know so that they can make sure that happens for you and help choreograph things for you so that you can just relax and enjoy the morning.

So, I hope that this feature will help you plan for fabulous photography on the morning of your wedding. These are images that you’ll love to look back on and all of those big day emotions will come flooding right back when you do.”

Amanda xo




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