When you are promised a glamorous London engagement shoot, your expectations are high, right? Me too. But I can promise you that whatever expectations you have right now, raise them and you still won’t be disappointed.

Jamie and Mark’s London engagement shoot is striking. It includes the most fabulous scenery, a stunning couple and an utterly gorgeous floor length red gown. I totally want it (the dress that is).

Despite the seemingly patriotic setting, Jamie and Mark  are a truly international couple – met in UAE, first kiss in London and due to be married in Florida.

The fabulous Anneli Marinovich Photography is the super talented lady behind the lens, who captured this stylish occasion. Make sure you keep reading after the beautiful photo explosion, bride-to-be Jamie is here to tell you all about the incredibly romantic proposal (seriously, it made me gasp out loud a little when I read it).

“From the very moment I met Mark – in a smoky jazz bar in the opulent UAE -he’s been striving to give me everything I’ve ever wanted.

I wanted his love – granted. I wanted his time – devoted. I wanted him to be my best friend – we’re connected at the hip. I wanted to travel the world together – passport stamped, again and again.

And so when I said, “I just want all of you,” while watching a sunset side-by-side in Tel Aviv, Israel, I’m not sure why I was so surprised to turn and find him on one knee. 

He was outfitted in his alluring velvet blazer, the one that beckons my greedy touch each time it graces his physique. He wore a nervous, yet overjoyed, smile and grasped a gorgeous pear cut diamond between two fingertips. The ring, the one I’d been waiting for my entire life, was elevated towards me in the most inspiring manner and being presented from a far better man than I ever anticipated. Words can’t even fully articulate the way this moment made me feel, I have never felt happier or more proud. 

He says that I never actually said yes. He says I simply claimed the rock and began to cry. Yet here we are, planning the wedding of our dreams with our stunning engagement portraits. 

When we announced our engagement to family and friends, many assumed we’d have a destination wedding since our first kiss was in London, our first real date was in Dubai, and we’ve been globe trotting ever sense. But we wanted our “to have and to hold” love story to begin here at home: in Sarasota, Florida. 

On April 1, 2017, we’ll be wed at the enchanting bayside Ca d’ Zan Mansion – the 1920’s summer home of American circus legend John Ringling and his wife Mable.

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the most spectacular love story in the world!” 


Emma K

I’m Emma, co-founder and editor of where I dedicate much of my time to encouraging people to live life to the full and say ‘yes’ a little more. But with a background in weddings (waitressing since I was 12 years old for my Mum’s catering business, and dabbling in wedding blogging), I am delighted to find a second home here at BLOVED

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