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Hello b.lovelies! This afternoon we’re saying hello to Artemis Stationery who make handcrafted bespoke and couture stationery with a distinctly Art Deco twist.  Each piece is designed and made by owner and designer Nathan, who ensures every detail is just as you expect, hand finishing each piece before sending on to you and your guests.  I asked Nathan to tell us more…

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When & why did you start Artemis Stationery?

I actually studied Oceanography and did an Environmental Masters before becoming a wedding stationer. I always had a reputation for being arty and creative – Artemis Stationery came about after I was conscripted to design my brother’s wedding stationery!

Describe your style, who or what inspires you?

I don’t like limits or to stick to one style, but architecture is a big inspiration for me – particularly buildings from the 1920’s, ancient ruins and the Natural History Museum in London.  If you’ve been there and seen the light fall through into the main hall it’s magical.  I find a clear night sky to be the most wondrous thing, it’s so relaxing to stare at our galaxy.  If you can see the Milky Way going across the sky that’s a good night!  Or sunlight coming gently through a canopy of leaves.  The light is soft and gentle while it highlights the structure and form of each leaf.   There is so much to draw upon!  This world we live in has so much that’s magical.

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Trend setter or trend follower?

At times I do think I need to have a design that covers a major wedding stationery trend.   Sometimes it actually turns out to stay on trend and sometimes it goes off in a different direction.  A lot of time I just do what I like and cross my fingers other people like it to.   I’ve liked the Art Deco style since I was a teenager, wowed by the coolness of Hollywood’s early years and the East Coasts skyscrapers.  I have been thinking a lot about trends recently, but what I like to see is people just being themselves and putting their own personality in, irrespective of whether it’s in or out!

How do you help couples find that perfect design? What makes you different?

I try my best to listen and make suggestions based on what my couples tell me.  I take my designs very slowly so they get to see it, comment and give me feedback a step a time.  Sometimes that will mean doing many variations on a theme, using colours in several different ways or trying out several different fonts so they can see which works the best for them.  This means that by the time we get to a final design the couples have been intimately involved in the design process for their bespoke wedding stationery and have had a chance to put their stamp onto it.  I design and make all the designs myself, so I can be quite flexible in adapting to different couple’s requirements and changes along the way.

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What’s your favourite wedding moment? And the best part of your job?

I’m torn on whether the best bit of my job is the part where I get to be most creative and come up with ideas for a client , or the part after I’ve made the order, it’s been sent out and you then get the email from the client, they’re normally very excited!  It makes me feel very proud and happy to of been a part of their wedding, that’s a real privilege.

What’s your next challenge?

I redesigned my website last year and very happy with how that turned out.  It will be so much easier than the old one to look after.   That does mean I have a real backlog of ideas to work on.  I’m really enjoying the illustrated stationery and I hope to work on those and get a few more designs.  I also have a few interesting concepts for hopefully unique table plans I’m looking forward to working on!

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