#herBLOVEDlife: Kimberley Darvill of The Wedding Avenue

Hi Lovelies! We are so delighted to introduce you to Kimberley of the beautiful wedding + events design studio, The Wedding Avenue, in the latest instalment of our inspiring #herBLOVEDlife feature series! Kimberley lives surrounded by beautiful countryside in Ashford, Kent with  partner Jamie and two children Abbie and Rafferty. And last but not least – their Cockerpoo Boris! Read our interview with Kimberley about her work at The Wedding Avenue, her style and background and what a typical day looks like for her.

What’s your background, how did you get into what you do now?
I’ve spent most of my career working in finance in the luxury new homes sector, but I have always been creating, designing and dreaming of my own styling business for many many years. The time has come to make my dream a reality and I’m so happy to be in a position where I am able to pursue it, finally!

Describe your style
Smart, casual, minimal, natural, simple

How do you stay inspired & motivated?
Every month I buy a stack of magazines that inspire me; Vogue, Elle, Conde Nast Brides, Tatler, Harpers Bazaar (my favourite!).  They inspire me to be the type of person I want to be, which in turn inspires me to run the type of business I want to run, the direction I want to go and the type of people I would like to work with.

What’s your biggest business challenge?
At the moment I would say it would be Rafferty being the age he is at the moment (just 18 months!!). I need 360 degree vision and about 8 arms that go in all directions. I know this is a phase that will pass and I will miss once it has gone, but whilst setting up a business plus trying to balance everything else as well has been very challenging. This will settle and change once he goes to nursery in September, so I will have a more structured working week!

What are your goals for the next 12 months?
To start getting recognised within the industry not only by clients but by industry professionals that I aspire to and would like to collaborate within order to work on a couple of styled shoots to get published in favourite publications and blogs.

What does your typical day look like?

I set my alarm every evening for a 6am head start before my toddler wakes up to get a head start on work! Once he wakes up we will go downstairs where he will have his smoothie and I have a peppermint tea whilst he sits watching his programmes I am having a scroll through the social media, news on my phone. This usually takes us up to half an hour-ish and that’s when I start getting organised for the day, wash up, washing on, general ad-hoc house chores etc until it’s time for breakfast.

Breakfast for me is usually hit and miss (depends on what sort of mood I am in or diet I am on!) so can vary from yogurt and fruit or a slice of toast or if I’m in the mood, a bowl of Frosties! But whilst Rafferty is eating his, this is my time to run upstairs, wash face, teeth and get dressed quickly before coming downstairs and doing hair and make-up in the downstairs mirror so I can keep an eye on Rafferty. I usually decide on what I am wearing the night before so that is one less thing to think of in the morning.

Currently, I have a ad-hoc working day (until Rafferty starts nursery), depending on activities I have planned with him will depend on when I start my day. I usually do something with him in the morning so I can then sit down in the afternoon and tackle work and emails without feeling guilty that I haven’t done some sort of activity with him. I have a list of thing’s I need to have completed that day and I have a list of everything I have to do overall! I love lists!! For all house to-do’s, I have a standard notepad and for anything business related, I like to use my journals. Nothing to do with home goes into those journals, they are kept separate.

Lunch for me is usually a salad or a wrap or I just pick when I’m hungry (mainly on Rafferty’s left overs!) During the day I usually sit with my laptop in the kitchen or on my lap in the living room and tackle admin kind of jobs on my to-do list as and when I can whilst mixing this with play time, housework and then getting ready for dinnertime and collecting my daughter, Abbie, from the bus stop. We will have a catch up on our days and she will spend some time with her brother and walk the dog while I get dinner ready.

This is when Jamie will arrive home from work, we all have dinner together. Jamie spends some time with Rafferty and Abbie while I clear away and then I will go in and join them all before taking Rafferty for his bath at 7pm.

7pm onwards
Our evenings are varied, once Rafferty is in bed – hopefully by 7.30, I will either go to the gym for an hour and then come back and ‘chill’ with Jamie and Abbie (if she isn’t being a complete teenager and spending her time in her bedroom) or if I have any creative work I tend to do this in the evening, I will go up to the spare room where we have a lovely desk and all my books and magazines that I refuse to throw away, where I can lose myself and really get the creative side to my business flowing. This might include, mood boards, researching or blog posts, anything to do with ‘fun stuff’ of the business!




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