Ask the Expert: How to Choose Bridesmaids’ Dresses

Kate Halfpenny is a celebrity stylist, esteemed fashion designer and founder of British luxe bridalwear brand, Halfpenny London. Who better to ask how to choose bridesmaids’ dresses?

Founded in London in 2005, Halfpenny London has become one of the UK’s leading high-end bridal and eveningwear brands. They are renowned for creating innovative, chic dresses and separates for the modern woman with a distinct serve of Brit cool.

B’LOVED spoke with Kate to get her top tips on how modern brides should think about dressing and styling their bridal party for their big day.

  1. Kate, where should you start when picking outfits for your bridal party?

There is a lot to consider when it comes to how to choosing bridesmaids’ dresses but it doesn’t need to be stressful. I’d start by narrowing down the colour scheme and having a chat with your party about your ideas and any specific requirements from you, and from them – covering shoulders in church, for example, or perhaps a scar or tattoo which your bridesmaid would prefer to cover up on the day. Then, it’s time to get inspired so have a look on Pinterest or Instagram at styles you all like and agree on. Take note of your bridesmaids’ current style and the kind of silhouettes they usually wear on a night out. The inspiration behind the Sister collection was that no two of my friends would wear the same thing. There are options in there to suit every body shape so everyone feels amazing.

  1. What is currently on-trend for bridesmaids?

To be honest, I never take any notice of trends. Who cares what everyone else is doing? Do your own thing! With weddings being in a state of uncertainty for over a year, I think anything goes at the moment! Couples are tearing up the rule book and I love that.

  1. Synchronised or mismatched?

Mismatched. No two bodies are the same so I love it when bridesmaids can all express themselves in their outfits but the overall look is cohesive and still works for the wedding. This way, they’re more likely to choose pieces they love and will wear again after the big day.

  1. If you are going for mismatched, what is the best way to pull off this look?

There are so many ways to do this which look amazing but the easiest is to have everyone in the same fabric, then they can all choose the exact outfit they feel comfortable in and everyone’s happy. Another suggestion would be the same outfit (if everyone agrees on the shape!) in different colours, or tones of the same colour, or perhaps all in different variations of the same print. There are so many ways and as long as the couple loves the overall effect, anything goes!

  1. Any tips for accessorising your bridal party?

I’d take into consideration their individual style as it doesn’t all have to be identical, unless you’d like it to be. I personally love when bridesmaids have slightly different bouquets, for example. Have fun with it! At my wedding, the flower girls wore cute little bunny ears and the page boys wore owl outfits with little felt capes which looked like wings. They loved them and had such a fun time running around playing. It’s your wedding so be as whimsical, cool, silly, or serious as you like when it comes to accessories, or anything else!

  1. What should you do if your bridesmaids have different body shapes?

I would simply ask my bridesmaids what they’d prefer to wear, or if there are any absolute no-no’s for them. Discuss your ideas and send them any styles you love. People can be very accommodating when it comes to weddings but we all have parts of our bodies we’d prefer to highlight more than others and I think it would be a shame for anyone to feel unhappy with an outfit that’s been chosen for them when there are so many beautiful alternatives.

Photo Credit: Benjamin Wheeler

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