How to Choose Your Bridal Make-Up Style

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After a very pretty morning, this afternoon we’re indulging in some inspiration from our beauty expert Ana Ospina.  This month she’s tackling every bride’s inner dilemma – how to pick the bridal make-up look that’s right for you.


I know it can be difficult trying to make a decision on this especially if you are not sure if you would just want to perfect your usual make up look using key products for durability and yet keeping it so that you feel comfortable and looking like yourself!!!

Or if you might want to be daring on your big day and go all out!!! By this I mean, if you have done the same and gone all out with the dress, accessories & hair it wouldn’t make sense to leave your make up looking like your usual 9-5 work make-up right?

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Model Jo rocking a red lip and looking sexy yet sophisticated

What I am saying is whatever you decide is ok!!! The only rules I would say not to break would be using tones/shades that do not suit your wedding style or colour theme. If you use your usual gold or brown shadow and your colour scheme is cool colours chances are it might not look right in your wedding pics.

I recently worked on a look book shoot for lovelies Maids To Measure and Anneli Marinovich on photo duty – a real collaboration!  As you can see from the make-up looks in the images you can go from natural to strong, but depending on accent colours near the face even though the make-up might stay the same in some of the shots the colour near the face changes the way the make-up looks

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Model Katie here has the same make up but two different colour dresses and different coloured flowers which I think makes the look on the left look slightly more girly and warmer in tone and the one on the right look cooler and yet classic in style.

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Models Jo and Katie looking natural yet polished

bloved-uk-wedding-blog-bteam-choosing-your-wedding-makeup-ana-ospina (6)

Models Jo and Katie with bolder make-up applications

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Model Jo with a little more defined look, a medium lip tone and more blush gives a great day-to-evening look

bloved-uk-wedding-blog-bteam-choosing-your-wedding-makeup-ana-ospina (7)

Model Jo with another day-to-night look – yes some brides rock two dresses!

If you are going it alone and doing your own make-up, learn to apply through practice! If you are still struggling at the very least have a makeup lesson or, if you feel that you need assistance on the day book a makeup artist who will enhance your features using the correct tools and cosmetics to give you a flawless make up application (as with any supplier…ensure you do your research when it comes to choosing your bridal makeup artist!)

Hope you are feeling inspired ladies!!

Love & Lipstick
Ana x

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Photography: Anneli Marinovich // Dreses: Maids to Measure //  Makeup: Ana Ospina // Hair: Marcus Mihell // Jewellery: Pret-A-Portabello



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