Picking a colour scheme invariably presents something of a challenge when setting out planning a wedding or event. It can often result in one single colour being focussed on as the lynchpin for the entire aesthetic.

My advice: when choosing your colour palette don’t be afraid to be what at first might seem adventurous… having a colour scheme does not necessarily mean that every material, flower or styling item must sit within that same hue. Yes, you must be thoughtful with your colour choices and extremely selective with the palette you choose (and this is where your florist’s expertise comes into play), but if you are clever and creative with your choices, you can enhance your chosen feature colour far beyond the bounds of what is achievable if it was just nestling it in amongst similar tones. You can create levels of depth and texture which, without pairing them with complementary colours (otherwise known as opposite colours on the colour wheel) would not be achievable.

For this spring arrangement I have used a beautiful fresh base palette of blush, pinks and coral in the form of peonies, garden roses and lilac, amongst soft green olive branch. To bring out the depth of this palette I then incorporated some orange toned autumn foliage, purple and cerise anemones, deep toned amaranthus and purple sweet pea. This instantly catapults the soft gentle paler palate, into a rich vibrant one.

Of course this isn’t for everyone, and there is a lot to be said for simple, gentler, and less complex colourway; but if you want to get a little creative and you’re not sure how, try loosening the reins on your colour palette and see what fun can be had… A x



When I'm not surrounded by flowers or sketching out styling plans, I can be found dreaming of moving to California, renovating my house in West Hampstead and obsessing over my extremely lazy dog, Tilly!