How to Use Heirloom Pieces to Create a Timeless Wedding

If you want to add elegant, meaningful, beautiful heirloom touches to your wedding day decor, Amy Hatch, the creative director and stylist of The Timeless Stylist, is your go-to! She’s also one of our recommended wedding suppliers in our directory the B.LOVED Edit! Amy creates elegant and romantic weddings using heirloom pieces for couples who want their day to be as beautiful in 20 years’ time as it is today. She has an art of using the period pieces sparingly, combined with modern-day wedding styling to create an overall timeless feel for your big day. Amy shares some advice on how you can use heirloom pieces within your wedding styling, to create a soft and gentle timeless wedding day.

“The most important part for me is the design stage. I work with my couples from the very beginning of their wedding planning, generally after they’ve chosen their venue, to look at how we can create the most beautiful day for them, that is overall stylish but paired back and very romantic. Within this design stage I will see where I can place heirloom items that will work within the style and tone of the day that we have chosen for them, and of course within the chosen venue. Generally, my style works well within period properties, such as stately homes, private houses or country manors. These venues are always so beautiful and mostly have a fair amount of detail, so the softer tones and gentle styling sit perfectly with them.



When picking the heirloom pieces, I take my time and only pick pieces that are elegant and refined. To avoid a shabby chic look, I choose matching pieces and items that are still in very good condition. By using these pieces sparingly combined with modern-day touches, you are keeping the look timeless and elegant. For example, my current favourite item are my glass candlesticks that I like to place beautifully tapered candles in, in a soft and gentle tone that works with the overall colour palette. I combine these with modern-day tableware that has a traditional feel, such as delicately etched glasses and brass cutlery. All placed on soft linen and silk tablecloths and runners, the overall look is beautifully romantic and elegant.

I also choose larger heirloom pieces to make a statement, such as antique chairs in a lounge area or a chaise longue in a photobooth. By picking the right pieces in the right colours with the right feel, you are keeping that timeless look. Pair these pieces with layers, textures and an abundance of florals. And whilst we are talking about florals, the flowers you choose for your wedding are oh so important and can really change the design. Be sure you pick the right florist for the look you are hoping to achieve and pick flowers that work within your design, that are also soft and gentle and can enhance the pieces you have chosen.

Lastly, try not to cram antique pieces here, there and everywhere. Use them sparingly and in the right way and pick the right pieces for your wedding design and the venue. Combining them with the above advice of using some modern-day items, gentle styling and an abundance of beautiful flowers, and you are onto the right path to create that elegant and romantic wedding day that your guests will be wowed by and you will remember forever.”




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