Anne-Claire and Dennis, an Ibiza Elopement at Atzaro

We are so excited to share Anne-Claire and Dennis’ elopement by Raisa Zwart Photography and styled by Neinke Driever. The decor inspirations are a gentle mixture of grey and such a great example of how beautiful you can decorate your tablescape for a smaller, more intimate wedding  – without it getting lost. Raisa tells us more about the details, followed by Bride Anne-Claire; “Ibiza is a magical island. It is known to give people a true sense of freedom, and lets you be truly yourself. Freedom stands for making your own choices and an Elopement in Ibiza is exactly that. Truly enjoying Ibiza with the one you love most. Bohemian is a popular theme but comes in so many forms. This Bohemian chic theme shows a different side of bohemian than you might are used to. It’s a mixture of simplicity and beautiful materials, with a colour palette of white, cream, grey and a subtle orange / pink. Atzaro Ibiza, situated in the heart of the island of Ibiza and built on an orange farm. A luxurious but very welcoming place which is just breathtakingly beautiful. A place where time can truly stop and the perfect place for the elopement of Anne-Claire & Dennis. The main inspiration for Nienke, the event Designer, was the island itself. Its’ feeling of freedom, and both the luxury and beautiful nature that Ibiza stands for. She created a day & styling that combined so many things to a perfect unity. An amazing elopement for a couple that truly deserves it.”

Anne-Claire tells us; “We were at the airport, waiting at the gate to hop on a plane to go to Ibiza. We were with our son and friends and were so ready to relax on this beautiful island. We got talking with some women, who were flying to Ibiza as well, to shoot some wedding related work for their business. They were with a photographer, event planner and makeup artist. We talked about our wedding, about the photography and how we did not have that many photos of ourselves on the wedding day. They still had some space in their planning for the upcoming days and slowly we got to the idea: what if we got to experience our wedding again; or better said, Why not celebrate our love again, this time with an elopement on Ibiza? The idea grew bigger and bigger and a few days later the day was there. We even got ready apart from each other, had our first look and went to the most stunning location: Atzaro Ibiza. We absolutely love the results, the photos and video take us right back to that day full of sunshine, beauty and of course lots and lots of love.”



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