In October I took a bit of a hiatus from blogging to head off into the sunset for a much-needed break on the white isle of Ibiza. I know what you are thinking, Ibiza doesn’t exactly have a reputation as a hive of relaxation and recharging… in fact most people flock to this particular Balearic island to party their nights away.

But there is so much more to this beautiful island. So many of the places we visited left me awestruck with its beauty; there is beautiful beaches, clear blue sea, lush green forests and rugged rock edges, it was truly scenic. Which is why I decided it would be the perfect honeymoon destination for those that want picturesque surroundings with a European flight time (so you will see I didn’t entirely leave my blogging hat at home).

Two places in particular really sung out to me as offering the perfect honeymoon solution…

Hotel Hacienda Na Xamena

If you are looking for complete tranquility and relaxation, then this is most certainly the Ibizan destination for you.

You approach Hotel Hacienda Na Xamena via a winding road, climbing upwards towards a private rocky enclave, surrounded by rocky Cliffside edges that are peppered with greenery. The views are truly something else.

The hotel is tranquil and secluded, a true relaxation haven, with blissful spa facilities on site.

We didn’t actually stay in the hotel itself but visited for the hydration therapy treatment at the spa. This consisted of a 45 minute pool session, which includes 8 pools heated at different temperatures that give hydro-jet massages starting from the sole of your feet and finishing with a full body exposure. Not only was it stupendously relaxing, it had absolutely epic views with the infinity pool.

There are plenty of other treatments as well, if you want to take full advantages of the luxuries on offer for your honeymoon (and why wouldn’t you)?!

I can attest the to the quality of the food as well, as our spa experience was followed by a three course lunch including delicate canapés, a delicious meat and fish main and tantalising sweet nibbles. It was all utterly delicious.

Hotel Catalonia Ses Estaques in Santa Eularia

If you are looking for a slightly more vibrant experience (without descending into full on Ibiza partying mode), then you will be pleased to know I have just the thing for you too.

We stayed in the Hotel Catalonia Ses Estaques in Santa Eularia for the last night of our holiday, where we were truly treated like royality with the best room in the house. The chic décor, plush king size bed and sea view certainly made it another perfect destination for Ibizan honeymooners. There was even a sea view in the shower!

You wouldn’t even have to miss out on the spa experience either, as Ses Estaques is partnered with a spa that is literally right on its doorstep. All you have to do is wander out of the comfort of your hotel and you enter a tranquil spa resort that offers a full range of treatments. You can wander up alongside the spa to get some of the best views in the joint, and a nice secluded spot to soak it up with your newly acquired spouse. 

The town of Santa Eularia was one of my favourite places that I visited on the holiday as well, it is very cosmoplitan, with lots of places to eat and drink. But still boasted picturesque views and had a wonderful war vibe to it.

These are just two of the gems that I discovered in my 10 days on the island, there is lots more on offer. So, don’t you think it’s time you put Ibiza on your potential honeymoon destination list?

Emma K

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