inspiration board #39: art nouveau

Happy Monday wonderful readers! I hope you have had a wonderful weekend?  I spent Friday evening with some of my lovely wedding friends at The London Cocktail Club thanks to the gorgeous Anna from Anna and the Ring, who hosted a spectacular Ring Bash!  I enjoyed catching up with some of my fave people and sipping Bellini’s.  If you haven’t already discovered Anna and the Ring, I urge you to go and have a read!  Dedicated to all things vintage and glamour, and lots more too, Anna has an open, honest and witty writing style you will love!

Today’s inspiration comes from a reader request, a couple of months ago a bride to be asked on twitter “how do I make my summer Art Deco wedding feel less wintery?”

After thinking long and hard about this one I think I’ve come up with the perfect solution.  Art Deco is known for it’s striking colour combinations, usually red and black, with lots of hard, straight lines and angles.  If you want to capture the spirit of the era in a softer, more feminine way, why not consider an Art Nouveau theme?  The lines are much softer, curvy and organic, the colours are lighter and fresher, combining fresh moss greens, powder blues and the palest purples to create a wonderfully pretty yet decadent look.  This stationery suite from Hello Lucky is the perfect inspiration for your theme, combining beautiful illustration with classic Art Nouveau style.

The Art Nouveau bride is characterised by sleek silhouettes and beautiful accessories.  This headpiece by Kat Swank is an elegant statement for a bold bride, as is the beautiful sequinned cape from The State of Grace.  The calla lily was often used in Art Nouveau and Deco design and illustration, and makes a modern bouquet in a rich plum colour.  The colours can be carried onto the reception tables, using coloured glassware (a current obsession of mine!) and vintage crockery, although for this theme I would stick to matching sets rather than an eclectic, mismatched look.


top row: mini alana headdress by Kat Swank, plum calla lily bouquet by Ariel Yve Design, Erte cape by The State of Grace

middle row: nouveau peonies stationery by Hello Lucky, vintage carousel wedding by Marianne Taylor, Art Deco / Nouveau cake by Sally Cooke

bottom row: vintage inspired necklace on art nouvea ironwork by Shop Ruche, silver and lilac table setting by Stone Gable, Art Nouveau hair comb by Morolsha on Etsy


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