Italian Vineyard Autumn Wedding

Just because an affair is conducted with subtlety, doesn’t mean it has to be soft and sweetly innocent. On the contrary, we think that bringing all of the majesty and grandeur of an Italian vineyard to a ceremony in a more understated fashion has an effortless elegance. 

In recent years, autumn has transformed from spring’s gloomy sibling to a stylish season in its own right. Whether it be the pumpkin spice lattes available at high-street coffee shops, or the use of rich velvet fabrics, the autumn vibe now encompasses a whole range of trends and fashions. 

In this shoot, a rural wedding stepped up a level through the inspiration of an autumn occasion located in the grounds of a vineyard. This concept, fuelled by the elegance that the venue provided, was then brought to life by the planning team from The Italian Dream through thoughtful, intricate little touches throughout the day. These included everything from grapes to vintage cars, and a deep seasonal colour palette to statement jewellery pieces. 

From an onlooker’s perspective, there is no doubt that these images transport the viewer to an autumn wedding theme in a little Northern Italian village—it may not be exactly what we’d expect from a traditional wedding, but boy is it beautiful.  

The Style 

The concept was born from the idea of an autumnal wedding, located in the amazing Collio landscape. The entire countryside is made up of extensive vineyards, which are known across the world for their fine wines. 

Through this occasion, the planners wanted to focus on the stunning autumn wedding decorations. Although it is not your typically traditional wedding season, the richness of its colour and the boldness of its characterful vibe makes this season the perfect way to bring another perspective to such celebrations. 

To reinforce this theme throughout the décor, the team used adornments like grapes, boho-style stag skulls, vintage cars and bold jewellery. 

The Colours

The main characters of this event’s colour palette were cream and burgundy. These two rich, romantic tones played together beautifully. Bold, strong and typically autumnal colours were the key to this shoot. Deeper tones of burgundy and terracotta sat alongside a touch of cream in order to smooth out the final result. 

The use of burgundy effectively connected the wedding to the grapes growing in the local vineyards, which themselves were a part of the actual table setting. This created a striking visual spectacle of rich brown, terracotta and red highlights, that set off the style of the occasion.

The Flowers

A similar level of continuity can also be found in the flowers: Stunning anthuriums and roses in an eclectic mix further enhanced the rich and edgy notes of this event. 

Within the flower arrangements, stag skulls were used as a statement detail. In the bouquets brimming with crimson blooms and overflowing with greenery, this addition gave the pieces a moody look, which we think sat particularly well alongside the dark red hues.

Key Tips

  • We loved this wedding’s vintage and timeless touch, and the inspiration taken from 1950s Italian trends.
  • Don’t be afraid to include alternative touches (such as the stag skull in the floral arrangements) that can really bring a theme to life and give you many rustic fall wedding ideas.
  • The use of a deep colour contrast with autumn tones was a great way to highlight the natural beauty of the local area.



Planner and Stylist: The Italian Dream / Photographer: Davide Monti Studio / Venue: Castello di Spessa / Stationary: Greta Bordon Graphic Designer / Outfits: Barbara Beltrame Atelier / Hair and Make-Up: Beauty Loft 77 by Annamaria Aiello / Flowers: Simone Morandi Floral Designer / Vintage Cars: Luca Noleggi / Cake: Dolcemente Sara / Jewellery: Fil Rouge / Hairpiece: Rachel Chaprunne 



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