it’s all in the details: hot trends for 2012

Good morning lovelies!

As it’s the beginning of a new year, today I want to take a look forward into some of the trends I think will be making it into your weddings in 2012.

In the past year we have seen the vintage trend grow and grow, and it hasn’t shown any signs of stopping just yet.  Surrounding yourself with special and personal touches on your wedding day is a trend that I am sure will continue for a long time yet!  I do however also believe that brides are looking for something new for celebrating their special day, pairing back the details and going for a cleaner and fresher look.

Venues that offer decoration of their own accord, like the beautiful Fetcham Park, Botley’s Mansion or Stoke Place will be popular, making more of a focus on the venue and requiring less to be spent on decor.  Conversely blank canvas spaces, that offer couples the opportunity to completely personalise the space with long tables, lanterns and hanging decorations will also be fashionable.

bright & fresh colours

{coral, peach & aqua and urban yellow inspiration boards}

In 2011 we saw many weddings in soft pastel hues, pinks, lilacs and ivory.  Pantone’s colour for 2012 is the bold and fiery Tangerine Tango, and I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a trend towards brighter, bolder colours in this years weddings, with yellow, aqua and coral being my top tips.  Paired with with white and softer pastel shades these colours bring that fresh look many brides will be seeking.  Next week I’ll be showing you how to use some of these bolder colours with some new inspiration, but for now why not take a look at the beautiful bright colours I used at my wedding last year?

lots of lovely lace

{Brides Nadine, Sarah and Erin wearing lace on their wedding days}

We all gasped as we saw Catherine Middleton emerge wearing her stunning Alexander McQueen wedding dress at her marriage to Prince William in 2011, and lace became an instant hit with brides all over the world.  This will be a huge trend for brides in 2012, with many designers specialising in beautiful lace creations, the delicacy and intricacy of lacework is a beautiful contrast to the more contemporary wedding style.  Longer veils will also be on trend in 2012, following brides like Kate Moss and Lily Allen with vintage pieces adorned with yet more lace.

bouquets with meaning

{Brides Carrie, Natasja and Emma carrying meaningful bouquets}

Another huge trend resulting from the Royal Wedding, the meaning of wedding flowers and the bridal bouquet will be important to brides this year.  Whether including seasonal blooms from your local area, one’s with hidden meanings or loved one’s favourites, brides will think carefully about the sentiment behind this very important bouquet.  Carrying trinkets and charms on your bouquet will also gain popularity, as will brooch bouquets offering a timeless and unique heirloom piece to be treasured forever.

the end of traditional table centres?

{mismatched containers via 1. Adene Photography via CapClassique  2. Fanni Williams Photography 3. Not on the High Street}

Huge traditional floral centerpieces will make way for something more unique, unusual mismatched containers or bottles, or more personalised items to make each table unique.

outdoor weddings

{Liz & Jeffrey, Melissa & Pete and Nina & Micheal celebrate outdoors}

This is one trend I am really hoping will become more popular this year.  Although the laws in the UK restrict outdoor weddings more than in other places around the world, it can be and is still possible.  Just take a look at some gorgeous ‘backyard weddings’ from the US and South Africa for all the inspiration and persuasion you need!

wedding blogs

Looking back just a couple of years, there were few, if any wedding blogs in the world, let alone in the UK.  Luckily for you (and me!), the number of wedding blogs is growing every day, with each one appealing to it’s own niche and providing a huge amount of inspiration, ideas and advice to newly-engaged couples and brides to be.  In 2012 I am sure the percentage of brides following wedding blogs will continue to grow.  So spread the word, we love to inspire you to create your very own special and unique day!!

What wedding trends to you think will emerge in 2012?  I’d love to hear what you’re planning for your wedding this year!



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Jaye Cole | Tux & Tales Photography

I am loving all the lace – particularly the lace sleeves. A completely strap/sleeveless dress is hard to pull off for so many figures so a trend which encourages sleeves (yet still staying light and delicate) is so fabulous. Not to mention classic and goes with a variety of ‘looks’. You can easily do lace with a ‘vintage’ wedding as well as s sleek and modern wedding. It just depends on how you do it.

Orange is my favourite colour – so I gave Pantone the big virtual high five with their selection this year.