jaclyn & sifiso’s cape town beach engagement shoot

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Oh my, if you’re anything like me and a total mushy romantic like me, you are going to love today’s couple shoot and proposal story!  Jaclyn, from the US, and Sifiso, from South Africa, fell in love while she was on a round-the-world trip.  Their love is completely and utterly clear for all to see in this stunning set of images from Yolande Marx, the tenderness and love in their eyes is totally magical.  And the thought and attention that went into Sifiso’s proposal goes to show just how much he cares for his girl (even if it didn’t go exactly to plan).  I just love their story, and them. Sit back and enjoy!

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Jaclyn tells their love story so far ~

I was in the middle of a two year around the world backpacking trip when my sister and I couch surfed with Sifiso for a couple nights.  I was only in Cape Town for a week before heading off on my own for a 6 week overland safari up to Kenya, but that was enough time for us to suspect that this could be it.  Sifiso met me in Tanzania for a 2 week holiday and that’s when we knew without a doubt that we had both found “the one”.  We spent the next year going back and forth, me to South Africa, him to New York, Thailand and Cambodia, meeting each others family and friends and Skyping and messaging every day in between.  Once I finished my trip, I moved to Cape Town in July 2012 to be with my love. 

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At the end of September, I was going to  New Jersey to visit my parents.  The day before I left, I had made plans with a friend to go see a movie in the afternoon which she chose.  At the end of the film, after the credits ran through (my friend tricked me by saying her boss told her there was an extra scene at the end), the screen went white and I watched something being typed on the screen.  It read, “I work with technology every day, but today it has failed me dismally.  However, I still have something I want to ask you…. Jaclyn… Will you marry me?”  And then Sifiso came in and told me he had actually had something else planned and was rather upset about it but there were technical difficulties.  He debated if he should wait yet he didn’t want to wait any longer.  He walked me to the end of the aisle, got down on one knee, told me he loved me and asked me to marry him, to which I replied “Of course”.  About an hour later at celebratory dinner and drinks, surrounded by friends (which Sifiso had planned), I got to see the video he put so much time and effort into preparing

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Our wedding date is set for August 24th 2013.  We’re getting married in New Jersey, and will have guests coming in from London, South Africa and possibly even Dubai!  I did most of the planning while home visiting my family so all the vendors are booked, the dress is bought and nearly all of the details sorted.  The theme will be vintage and romantic.  Now we’re just eagerly awaiting the day to come!  We’re also super excited for our 2.5 week honeymoon in Greece and Turkey which is all booked!  We’ve also started a blog called to share our journey along the way and to help guys with their own proposals.

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Their blog is super cute, and you absolutely HAVE to check out Sifiso’s flipping AWESOME proposal video!! He got all their family & friends involved and I totally guarantee you will be blubbing like an idot by the end (or is that just me ;))



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