Jessica Turner Designs – Meet the Designer

Isn’t is so exciting to take a peek behind the scenes, especially when you can get a glimpse of something in the making which is so intricate and with such beautiful materials too! We’re taking you behind the scenes to meet the Designer behind Jessica Turner Designs who creates the most exquisite Bridal separates! See Jessica at work from the initial sketching stages of her designs to knitting and sewing her delicate embellishments – all captured by Maxeen Kim Photography! Here we have an exclusive interview with Jessica so that you can find out more about her designs and pieces, what inspires them and her artistry!

What is Jessica Turner Designs? What do you create and what lead you to start this business?
Jessica Turner Designs is all about creating unique knitted bridal separates and corsets, with stunning textures, subtle colours and embellishing with lace, yarns or beadwork. My business idea began when I created this stunning piece of knitted fabric at university; I then moved to Sydney and at the time I wanted to create a corset to wear for a special occasion so I started to piece the two together – and thus started Jessica Turner Designs!

What inspires your current collections and also in your line of work in general?
My current collections are inspired by plant life (hence the names behind my dresses). I represent many flowers through fabrics and attention to detail – even my bridal belts and shoulder straps usually have knitted flower details on them. I don’t really like to follow trends: it’s too fast paced, something is in one month and out the next. However, I do like to bring a hint of what is trending into my designs; for example, off the shoulder seems to be quite ‘big’ at the moment, so I would add a detachable off the shoulder design to my corsets. I tend to stick to what I believe looks pretty, so if big shoulder pads were in I would probably just pass on that! I love working with floaty fabrics too so my bridal skirts are usually made from silk chiffons, I then tend to add intricate detail to the corsets, with luxury laces and beadwork.

Who is your client? What is her style and what does she love? What does her wedding look like?
The type of girl who buys a Jess Design has a romantic yet savvy style. She likes fashion, and will buy statement pieces – strictly quality over quantity. She works in the media or a creative field. She likes to go on walks, and loves yoga. She grew up in the country side close to nature and the natural world. She now lives in London and enjoys the culture, visiting art museums, going to independent coffee shops, cocktail bars and cosy pubs, and likes to make an effort when she is out and about. Due to her love of nature and the countryside she would be married where nature is a part of the décor, like the Petersham nurseries, Kew gardens, Barbican conservatory, or Soho farmhouse. Her wedding is full of natural elements from wooden features, natural foliage, or beautiful surrounding views.

What is your best-selling piece in bridal wear?
The corset – not only for weddings, but for special nights out, or in with the fiance! Also, there are different types of corsets to suit different shapes, the bra cup, the waist figuring, or the bodice, and they can have detachable sleeves to create a whole new look.

Tell us about the artistry behind your work
I work with a range of yarns, mostly silks and natural fibres. I use a hand knitting machine with a punch card, and manually knit rows of different patterns. When I say I make knitted bridal separates, people usually imagine some sort of big woolly jumper, however I have managed to create something more unique and feminine with an embroidered style texture. Also, because the silk arrives in its natural colour, I also do a lot of dyeing in the process to make subtle shades of pink, beige and ivories. I could go all out and dye colours like bright pink, but I haven’t been asked to yet. Recently I have been dying some yarns to match a silk fabric which I will make into a corset, and then I am going to dip dye the end of the skirt to match the corset. I love being all hands on, creating different textures, colours and styles.




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