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Happy February b.loved readers! I hope your 2013 is off to a wonderful start. If you got engaged at the start of the year / end of 2012 – congratulations, enjoy your wedding planning (it is supposed to be fun after all)! :-) For my second post as the resident wedding photographer, I would like to talk about wedding photography & the relaxed, natural style of wedding photography I have found my couples, and I think most couples prefer nowadays.


Wedding days fly by (fact). Minutes turn into hours and before you know it, you’re dancing your first dance as husband & wife. It stands to reason then, that when you receive your photos from your photographer, you expect to see a good mix of detail photos, photos of those very special moments (like seeing your groom for the first time as you walk down the aisle), as well as the moments you didn’t even realise were being captured.


Giving clients photos that look & feel very natural, and also tell the story of the day really well,  is a big thing to me. I don’t really like ‘cheese’. Silliness is fun, but cheesy, overly staged photos, is not my style and because my couples know this, we work together so much better to create memories they’ll keep falling in love with over the years to come. Your preference for a style of wedding photography is something very personal to you, and it should be. You and your photographer need to be on the same page, so that you trust them 100% to capture the day the way you planned it. When I discuss how I will shoot the day with potential clients / my couples I always tell them that I will photograph the day as it unfolds, only stepping in with a little bit of direction when it comes to the couple portraits and sometimes the bridal prep portraits. Even then, we’re not talking about “lie on the bed, purring at me seductively”, but more “take a seat, relax and think about the fact that you’re marrying your best friend today”.


I really feel that wedding photography has come a long way to move away from the stiff, sometimes awkwardly posed portraits and the impression that you have to have 40 formal family photos taken. I think couples are now more focused on enjoying the day with their guests and having natural photos to portray that, while their couple photos are much more representative of who they are as a couple (i.e being silly / quiet & romantic / just content). And that’s the way it should be, in my opinion! :-) Whatever your preference of style, find a wedding photographer that “gets” you. You’ll feel a lot more relaxed and your photos will look a lot more natural!




After a decade-long career in corporate interior design, I took a giant leap of faith, left the security of an office job, and founded B.LOVED in 2011 as a platform for romantic and beautiful wedding inspiration. Thanks to a whole lot of creativity, hard work and passion, my gamble paid off and B.LOVED became one of the leading wedding blogs in the UK.

You’ll also find me working as an Editorial Stylist, where I design and curate beautiful photoshoots for wedding and lifestyle brands, as well as contributing as a founding member of bridal inspiration hub Aisle Society, and running wedding industry community the B.LOVED Hive from our super pretty base in London. Yep, I definitely have the best job in the world.

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