Shopping for Ethical Engagement Rings


When it comes to considering your engagement ring we can easily get lost in all things about the sparkle, cut and did I say sparkle?! But we loved hearing about the ethos behind Clean Origin, a company seen in Vogue, Brides Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar – and for good reason. Their engagement rings are not only beyond beautiful but include ethical diamonds which are lab grown. The reasons why Clean Origin stand out from the crowd for shopping for your engagement ring don’t stop there either…

Your engagement ring carries huge significance, and as a piece you’ll wear everyday, always it’s important you LOVE it.

Clean Origin gives you the opportunity to create something totally unique to you, using their ‘design your own ring’ service. Even better, you can design your ring online, starting with either your favourite style setting or choice of lab diamonds.

We love that this puts you in control of creating such an important, meaningful piece of jewellery, giving you (and your fiancé) the chance to be completely involved in creating something so personal, as well as being something you’re going to be beyond happy with.

Did you know that lab grown diamonds can actually be 20-40% less expensive than mined diamonds? But this doesn’t make them any less special! The process of cutting, polishing and inspecting man-made diamonds is exactly the same as a mined diamond, so you are still getting a high quality and beautiful stone. Even the most trained professionals will not be able to tell the difference with their naked eye.

The financial (and environmental) cost of mining diamonds is what makes them so expensive, so by purchasing a lab-grown diamond the savings can be passed on to you. This also means you could increase the size or quality of your ring! Who wouldn’t want a rock that’s 30% larger?!

Lab grown doesn’t mean fake! Lab-created diamonds are absolutely real diamonds – the only difference is their origin, where they were formed and by using cutting edge technology to recreate the natural diamond growing process.

Lab-grown diamonds are also graded in the same way as mined diamonds — by the same certification labs, including the IGI, using the 4 C’s (cut, clarity, colour and carat).

If you’re searching for consciously created beautiful jewellery, then you might be surprised to find out that going with lab-grown is the only way to ensure your diamond is 100% ethically sourced. If wearing ethical diamonds is important to you, lab grown diamonds will give you that peace of mind. Mining can create devastating effects on the environment so choosing lab grown diamonds is great for your eco-friendly conscience, too!

Louise and I chose our favourites from their current collection, which you can find below. I love the simplicity of the engagement rings I chose which will work with anything and everything over the years! For me the sleek bands with a statement stone (or three) are chic and timeless. My three favourites include the Quiet Beauty solitaire, the Toujours Oval Ring with three stones, and the Classic Three Stone Engagement Ring with round diamonds!


Louise’s three favourite engagement rings have far more sparkle! From the magnificent Petite Delicate Halo Ring to the round diamond set Seagrass Ring with 16 beautiful diamonds along the band, and finally the Quiet Beauty Bridal Set with a chic solitaire engagement ring paired with a wedding band with 36 sparkling diamonds!


As well as a beautiful selection of engagement rings, you can also find lab grown diamond earrings, tennis bracelets and wedding bands for your wedding day and beyond.

Diamonds represent love, and love is love. By choosing a lab grown diamond you are making a choice to invest in a modern, ethical, and environmentally-friendly significance that holds close to your heart.

Here are our favourite engagement rings from Clean Origin.

Find out more about Clean Origin and their latest jewellery collection at



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