Jo & James’ lakeside love

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Sometimes all you need is a splash of colour to make a photo pop! Bride-to-be Jo’s red scarf adds a bright touch to her and James’ engagement shoot, from EFC Photography.  The lakeside location and their pretty smiles are all that’s needed to complete the picture!

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James and I met at work 4 years ago.  The proposal went a little like this……. We had planned to go to London for the day in the summer to see some of the Olympics and a West End show.  Being a PE teacher I was extremely excited about the day we had planned.  However on the morning of the 8th August, James surprised me with a note next to my bed in the morning saying I needed to pack a bag as he had arranged for us to stay in London for the night as well.  I thought it was a lovely surprise and James explained it was to avoid the Olympic congestion so thought it would be best to stay up there.   When we arrived in London, James told me we were staying in a Travel Lodge, but to my surprise we arrived at the Bloomsbury Hotel near Covent Garden.  It was beautiful and a complete surprise.  After we had checked in and I had gone to change, when I came back into the hotel room James had placed a box in the middle of the bed.  I was gob-smacked and asked as to what it was.  James said why don’t you have a look.  I approached and opened the box and saw the most perfect engagement ring!  It was beautiful and exactly the type of engagement ring I would have wanted.  James then asked me the question ‘Would I do him the honour of becoming his wife?’  I just couldn’t speak…….. I think it was at that point he panicked thinking I didn’t like the ring, but I was just stunned!  I then said YES!  We then spent the next hour or so calling family and friends before we both agreed to turn our phones off and enjoy our evening as a newly engaged couple.  We then celebrated with an evening meal and bubbly before seeing the West End play Warhorse (although I missed most of the play because I couldn’t stop staring at my finger!)

bloved-uk-wedding-blog-engagement shoot-jo-james-lakeside-love-efc-photography (14)bloved-uk-wedding-blog-engagement shoot-jo-james-lakeside-love-efc-photography (9)bloved-uk-wedding-blog-engagement shoot-jo-james-lakeside-love-efc-photography (10) bloved-uk-wedding-blog-engagement shoot-jo-james-lakeside-love-efc-photography (13) bloved-uk-wedding-blog-engagement shoot-jo-james-lakeside-love-efc-photography (11)

Our ceremony will be at All Saints Church in Banstead, followed by the wedding breakfast and reception at Wotton House Dorking.  We have hired a photobooth for the evening, which will keep our guests entertained, and  are hoping EFC Photography will be our photographers after an amazing engagement shoot!



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