Lakeside Romance

Therese and Daniel’s beautiful wedding in Sweden will have you swooning at so many details! From the amazing film photography by 2 Brides Photography, to Therese’s stunning bridal look which is so elegant and chic! Let’s not forget the picturesque lakeside setting at Beckershof Country Estate and the precious little flower girls – Therese and Daniel’s daughters! Isabelle of 2 Brides, shares more about the day, followed by Therese’s advice for wedding planning and their proposal story!

“Therese & Daniel’s wedding at Beckershof Country Estate is something I’ll never forget. Especially their emotional wedding ceremony which was held on the small headland beside the lake. I love how they involved their two beautiful daughters who performed a song that made literally everyone cry, myself included. Therese & Daniel’s proposal story is like a romance novel. What girl wouldn’t want her fiancé to go all in when he asks the girl of his dreams to marry him!”

Therese, please tell us about Daniel’s beautiful proposal!
“On my birthday in October of 2014, we had our families over for brunch. After a while Daniel says that he has made a movie he wants to show us. We gathered in front of the TV and the film begins with Daniel standing outside our front door and asks us to accompany him on a trip. The journey we follow is to key locations and memories that we have experienced with each other during our fantastic 15 years together. It is the place where we met for the first time, the location for our first date, our first apartment, outside the South Hospital where our beloved girls were born, and much, much more. While these sites are shown, music is being played in the background, music that is very dear to my heart. The film ends with the Kent and song Without your breath while Daniel is holding up signs with the lyrics to the song. When the song is over, Daniel goes down on his knees in the film (and in real life in front of the TV) and proposes to me! We are all crying tears of joy and I’m incredibly happy. Then he tells me to go pack my bag for a romantic weekend at Häringe Slott.”

What was your favourite moment of your wedding day?
“It’s so hard to just pick out one, the whole day was magical, from beginning to end. You wish you could always live in the amazing bubble and just stop time. But the moment when we saw each other for the first time just before the ceremony was very special. The funniest part of the day was the dinner, for sure! We have never laughed and cried so much at the same time, what amazing friends and family we have!”

What are your best tips and advice when planning a wedding?
“We focused on having details that represented us both. The theme was rustic simplicity with a focus on personal items. We felt it was important that our families and friends could feel relaxed throughout the weekend and having music was a key ingredient for our entire wedding. From the time our guests arrived at the Friday, the wedding ceremony, the dinner, and party on Saturday, and finally to the brunch on Sunday. The biggest challenge was the schedule, that was probably what worried us the most. But with careful planning and good help from Isabelle at 2 Brides and our toast-team, it became a non-issue in the end. Our best tip to couples planning their wedding is to do it together. Find a theme and follow a red thread. Lay out the timeline for the entire wedding and enjoy the planning process!”





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