Le Cap Blanc Nez Engagement Shoot

­­­With the peak wedding season approaching many of you will be thinking about your engagement sessions! Today’s beautiful shoot is set on the picturesque beach at Le Cap Blanc Nez, France and captured by the wonderful Fine Art Photographer, Elsa Schaddelee Photography. Of course when planning your own engagement session an important thing to consider is your outfit! So, Elsa is sharing her top tips for finding the right outfit for you today too (see below).

“With an amazing team we travelled to Le Cap Blanc Nez for a special styled shoot. We took a real couple so in love with us to an amazing spot, where the sun reflect the light by the sea – with vendors that can create an amazing look on your wedding day as well. Why don’t make your wedding photo’s outside the regular places – but go somewhere inspiring and celebrate your love!

Something about the French atmosphere just makes our heart beat a little faster. It makes us dream about all the love stories that came by this beautiful spot at Cape Blanc Nez. Two people, walking hand in hand. The stories they are living in. We wanted to inspire couples with a shoot that goes back to where it’s all about. Not about all the pretty details you can put together during a wedding, but about pure and true love. People that wanted to grow old together. And that’s the reason we travelled to France and photograph this rustic styled shoot. We wanted to create something minimalistic and timeless. Two people that love each other unconditionally. This shoot is all about the story between two persons full of love.

For this styled shoot we worked together with some amazing vendors. Annika Noorzij, from Wild at Heart Bridal provided us with a beautiful dress from the designer Odylyne the Ceremony. Designer Daniella van den Huijssen and Naturae Design created a handmade headpiece. Mullers Floral Design made a beautiful bouquet. The make-up and hair is done by The Beautiful Bride Company, also based in the Netherlands.”

“When it comes to prepare for your engagement shoot, things can feel quite overwhelming. You want to achieve photo’s that make you fall in love with them;over and over again. Of course a huge part of achieving this will be depending of your mood and the love you’re feeling during the engagement shoot. When you feel loved and relaxed, 80% of the work is already done. But the other 20% is done by the way you look together and the location you picked for the shoot. Today we give you some tips about finding the right outfit!

Tip #1
First of all – chose something that makes you feel beautiful. That is one of the most important tips we can give you. When you are searching for the right outfit, don’t settle for “okay”. Go for a “yes!”

Tip #2
If you have no idea where to begin – use Pinterest (for example this and this board). Pin the outfits you love and see if a curtain style of outfit comes back multiple times. Mostly that’s the kind of look you want to achieve, so now you know what to search for!

Tip #3
Before you start searching, think about the kind of outfit you want. Because it also needs to fit with the location and the weather. For example; if your shooting in a beautiful but rocky surrounding, make sure your outfit can take you there. Or, if that will be a little problem – chose to change when you’re at the right destination.

Tip #4
Go for timeless! However that extraordinary dress seems really cool today, I am not quite sure if your 10 year older self will think the same…”




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