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Good morning my loves! It’s been a long and busy week, so I am super happy to be heading down to the coast this afternoon for some much needed R&R and a little wedding venue research (which I’ll be sharing soon!) Fingers crossed the weather behaves (snow? really?) and we’re able to get there without delay!

A couple of weeks ago photographer Anneli popped in for a chat with owner Nicole Liew, and a look around The White Orchid, in Weybridge, Surrey.   A successful florist, and now a boasting beautiful lifestyle boutique too, The White Orchid draws on inspiration from across the world, the arts, fashion and literature to create sumptuous bouquets and arrangements for weddings & events, and homes.

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Nicole trained in fashion, and then with renowned florist Jane Packer, developing her signature natural and sophisticated style with a nod to current trends, seen throughout the boutique.  For our trip, Nicole created a series of different Spring looks, showcasing her relaxed style and beautiful objects, which would make the perfect addition to any relaxed wedding or home interior.  Spring bulbs push through the soil of reclaimed pots and vessels outside, inviting visitors into the stylish interior where a table adorned with Nicole’s current favourite things – the natural, rustic textures of antlers and skulls, combined with dainty vintage glass and china.  A second table is styled with an playful spring vibe, colourful flowers, cream cakes and cookies displayed on vintage crockery invite you to sit and enjoy afternoon tea prepared in the cosy kitchen!

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To find out more about Nicole’s style, we asked her a few questions ~

My style is… romantic and based on reusing and upcycling most of  what we stock and sell.

I’m inspired by… everything that is related to nature and the old.

My favourite piece (from my collection) is… my favourite piece from my collection is an early 20th  century Armoire it is a stunning piece which incorporates pieces of bevelled edge mirrors.

Trends I love right now… I love the trend for using antlers and deer skulls as decorative trophies to adorn walls, they are the remnants of what used to be beautiful living creatures – they take on a different sense even after they are dead.

(Designers) I admire… Designers I admire in the world of styling and designing are Hans Blomquist, a Swedish stylist whose work focuses on reinventing the natural home using artefacts from H&M and IKEA.  All his photoshoots feature flowers and plants and all things which bring a sense of life into our homes.  I also hugely admire Christian Dior and Chanel – designers who were pioneers in their time and age – their work is based on change and difference.

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I love my job because… everyday brings a new challenge.

Weddings make me… want to create and experiment with various elements of beauty and materials.

My advice for couples planning their wedding is… to throw all caution to the wind!  Everyone will see the flowers and the people, as they will be documented in the photos, but not many will remember what they ate, eat – so reverse the budgets, invest in this and have a most memorable day!

What kind of brides are attracted to your boutique? What kind of experience can they expect?

Most of the brides we work with were existing clients who know our work. They like our natural and ‘loose’ approach and dare looking to achieve an understated but elegant style.  We provide a very personal service where nothing is too much trouble and generally we can arrange flowers for all venues, table arrangements and situations – from 5-star hotels to tepees in a country garden we love working with a couple to match any brief and vision.

What makes you excited about working with brides?

Working with brides is like planning a big party. From the initial inspiration to the concept and execution, the whole process can be exciting as we work closely with the couple to gather materials and artefacts to make the day not just special but memorable.

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For brides looking to put a personal stamp on their wedding, with unique touches and stylish arrangements, The White Orchid should be your first stop!  Contact Nicole on 01932 845 229 to make an appointment or get in touch here.

Thank you Nicole for welcoming us into your boutique and sharing some insight into your wonderful style!


Image Credits: Anneli Marinovich


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