Being a wedding blogger I get to read lots of love stories, and I love that no two are ever the same.  Lizzie + Will’s story isn’t unconventional, they just mixed up the order a bit!  Their beloved pooch Puyol joined them on a trip around London with photographer Anneli Marinovich to celebrate their engagement – second time round!

Lizzie’s story –

Will and I met randomly at Shakespeare’s Pub in Austin, Texas in September 2011. I was in my final year of school at Texas State University in nearby San Marcos, Texas and he had come from London to visit a friend. We glanced at each other a few times before he finally decided to come over and talk to me. It was love at first sight – that night he even told me we were going to get married (I thought he was a little crazy).  Four days after we met, he had to go home. But over the next few months, I visited him in London and he flew back to Texas a few times to see me. Once I graduated in December, I decided to move to London so we could be together. I landed on New Year’s Eve ready to start a new life in London. Unfortunately I was only able to stay for six months until my visa ran out and I had to move back to Texas. After a few months of being apart, and a failed internship visa, we decided to get married. I made Will promise that even though we were getting married at the courthouse, that he would still propose to me and we would still be able to have a big ceremony with all of our friends and family. He agreed and on August 7, 2012 we got married at a courthouse in Texas.

A year and a half went by before Will made good on his promise. On Valentine’s Day 2014, he came home and before we went out to dinner sat me down to watch something. He’d made the sweetest slideshow of all the special moments from our relationship and at the end was a picture of him holding a sign that said “Will you marry me (again)?” He then got down on one knee and gave me the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen. I finally get to put on my white dress and walk down the aisle on October 10, 2014. It may not be a traditional story, but I wouldn’t change anything about it.



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