love shoot #45: sun, sea & love {amey & gary}

Morning wedding lovelies, are you having a good week?

Today’s couple shoot took place down on the south coast of Dorset, which happens to be where I spent four years at Uni.  I spent many carefree summer weekends exploring the surrounding areas with Mr B, and Bournemouth is still one of my favourite beaches to head to when the sun is shining, so I can see why Amey & Gary chose this location as the perfect spot for their engagement shoot!  Who would say no to a little sun, sea and sand right now?

They had a perfect summer’s day for their shoot, plenty of sun and a gentle sea breeze  It’s not just the weather, but the infectious sense of fun that this couple have that brings the sunshine to these images and Helen of  HC Photography captures their spirit and closeness perfectly.

Amey shares their sweet story ~

I arrived home from work one evening in February 2002 and sat at our family table was Gary. My Mum was a PE teacher and Gary was training to be a teacher at her school. She had felt sorry for Gary because he was not from the area so had brought him home with her for tea

As time went on, Gary came round more and more often and became a family friend.  After a few months we started to become closer and saw more of each other and exchanged more text messages than we used to.  One weekend I was going away for the weekend to stay with my cousin in Surrey. I invited Gary and his friend Tom to come along. That evening we let each other know how we felt.

A couple of months later, we decided to move in together and after years of house shares and renting finally bought our first house together last year!  The house desperately needed renovating and we spent every penny we earned and every spare minute doing it up.

One day, Gary came home from work as I was plastering the second bedroom. He told me he was going out to do something in the garden. He called me down about 30 minutes later to have a look at what he had done. He had carved into the tree “GT 4 A”. I turned around and said, “you need to finish that off with my last initial” – when I look round at him he was down on one knee with a ring in his hand. All of the neighbours were out watching and I was very embarrassed, but immediately said YES! Gary then put the ring on my finger and finished the carving off: GT 4 AT.

I’m a bit of an obsessive bride, making spreadsheets left right and centre! Both of our parents live abroad, although, they have been very supportive and come over as much as they can. My sister Kate has been my rock throughout the planning, attending every appointment with me.  Kate’s boyfriend is also Gary’s best man as they have both been so supportive!

Finally, after nearly 8 years of being together our special day arrived this summer.  And it truly was the best day of our lives. I wouldn’t change any of it.

Thanks so much for sharing your story Amey & Gary!  With a new marriage and new home, I’m sure there is more excitement and fun to come!


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