love shoot: a blustery day {carly & elio}

Wooohooo sunshiiiiine!! Sorry, just had to get that one out of my system!  What a glorious few days it’s been, let’s hope it’s here to stay :)

Back to today, and I do so love an engagement shoot by the sea! I just couldn’t wait to share this one from rather lovely London photographer Laura Babb.  Laura is a long term twitter friend of mine, and I’m delighted to share her work on b.loved this morning!  Newly-engaged Carly and Elio are lucky enough to live in Southsea, right next to the sea and wanted their engagement shoot in and around the places they love at a rather blustery Portsmouth Harbour.  These two are just too cute for words, strolling along the harbour and stopping off for afternoon tea along the way, the perfect recipe for an engagement shoot!

Here’s a few words from Carly ~

Elio and I both worked in Waitrose when we left school. I was a checkout girl and Elio was a porter (trolley pusher).  I never knew of Elio’s infatuation for me (his words *blush*) until after he left to work somewhere else.  We had mutual friends who were going traveling and whilst out one night with them they mentioned that Elio was meeting them in Brazil. I was a bit merry and mentioned that I thought Elio was hot, to which my friends went crazy saying that we needed to be together and stole my phone to put his number on it. Trying to be cool and the traditionalist I decided that I wasn’t going to text and told the boys to pass on my number. Elio didn’t text but the boys kept badgering me to make the first move, so eventually I did. At this time I was obsessed with the album Get Lifted by John Legend, it had just come out and not that well known so when it was playing in Elio’s car when he picked me up for our first date I thought that we were meant to be.  It later transpired his mate had seen me buy it on my lunch break, and Elio had put his album in his car to impress me!

Congratulations to Carly & Elio, I can’t wait to see their wedding, it’s bound to be super cute!

Check out more of Laura’s work at


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