love shoot: adorable beach picnic {mel & mikey}

Good afternoon my loves! I am super excited this afternoon for not just one, but two reasons! Firstly, this spring I have been so absolutely inundated with beautiful engagement shoots that I have decided to make Tuesday’s double love shoot days, so I can share as much as possible with you! Why engagement shoots? I think they’re a very important part of your planning journey, getting to know your photographer and how they work in a more relaxed environment than on your wedding day, but also just to take a couple of hours out of this stressful time to be together, and just be you. Yes, you can bring in your personalities, with the location, some props or even by styling your shoot but there is nothing I love more than the love. The stories, the special places, the moments and those looks, it’s so important to remember the reason you are doing this after all, for love!

Secondly, I am thrilled to share more of Mel & Mikey’s story.  I’m sure you’ll recognise the gorgeous Mel from this beautiful boudoir shoot I featured a couple of weeks ago.  This afternoon you get to meet her fiancé, the rather lovely Mikey, in their adorable beachey couple shoot by the lovely Katherine Ashdown.  And just to complete the story, tomorrow I’ll be sharing their elegant and pretty garden wedding too!


In 1996 Mikey and I both started at Luton University and met through mutual new friends a few weeks into the first term; on the first night we met he ‘competed’ (very un-PC!) for my affections with another new friend, Shay.  I turned him down and went out with Shay for the next 18 months!  Years and long-term relationships went by but the chemistry between us never fizzled out and 11 years later I came out of a long-term relationship and moved in with my best friend Alex, and Mikey – as friends!  After 3 months of spending all our free time together, a hot & sunny bank holiday Monday finally got the better of us and we gave in to the 11.5yrs of flirting.  What surprised (and amused) me was the fact I suddenly realized not only were we the best of friends who fancied each other, but it was actually love!  Mikey was clearly ahead of me and said “it’s about time you caught up!”

In May 2010 we went to the south of France for our second anniversary.  We’d been talking about getting married and had recently looked at rings; I’d seen a beautiful diamond & sapphire antique ring in the shape of a daisy.  What I didn’t realise was Mikey had bought it, got it resized, and taken it to my Dad to ask for my hand in marriage (which ended with both of them shedding happy tears!) all within a week before our holiday.  We splashed out on an anniversary dinner at the Michelin starred restaurant at Collioure, overlooking the stormy sea, and when Mikey asked me if I thought it was sunset yet, I knew something was afoot!  He waited until the waiters had disappeared and the coast was clear before slipping to one knee and asking me ‘Melly will you do me the honour of being my wife?!’  We spent the rest of the evening calling & texting friends and family in the UK to tell them to buy a hat and keep the 5th May 2012 free, handily another bank holiday weekend, in 2yrs time!


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