love shoot: cute & quirky funfair engagement shoot {nina & martin}

Good afternoon you gorgeous lot! I love featuring love shoots! Sometimes it’s the story and sentiment that catches my eye, sometimes it’s the beautiful photography and soft pretty light, and sometimes it’s the beautiful styling and props.  Today, it’s all three!

German photographer Britta Schunck submitted Nina and Martin’s gorgeous funfair engagement shoot after we met at Christine Meintjes workshop a couple of months ago.  Britta’s photography literally blew me away, her soft, romantic style has a cute, quirky edge. This shoot is cute, romantic, chic and so incredibly sweet! Bride-to-be Nina was convinced she never wanted to get married, until something changed her mind…

It was August 2007 and was about to move to Denmark – falling in love was not in my plans! Martin was seeing a friend of mine he’d met online dating and they became good friends.  I first met Martin at her housewarming party in Dusseldorf, we liked each other from the first moment but it wasn’t love at first sight!  We spoke on the phone and met once in a while for coffee, which eventually became more and more frequent, chatting online all night!  I still didn’t want to fall in love as it was only a few months until I was moving, but I couldn’t fight my feelings any longer!

We were at a party when we kissed for the first time, and then Martin got in a taxi and went home without even saying goodbye!  He ran away! It was two months later before our paths crossed again, we were celebrating Carnival (a huge celebration in our town).  Everyone was celebrating and I was hanging out with friends when Martin got in touch.  We met up that day and have been inseparable since, even my 8 month trip to Denmark just brought us closer together!

I was never a fan of marriage.  I couldn’t understand why anyone would pay so much for a party and aren’t white dresses conservative and kitchy?  I shook my head while my friends talked about their girly dreams!  Martin and I had spoken about marriage, and he was okay with my stance, until I caught the bridal bouquet at his sister’s wedding! It was hilarious! But from this day something changed, I was saying “you’ll never see me as a bride” but was deceiving myself.  I thought more about it over the next few months, and even caught myself surfing wedding blogs.  Of course I couldn’t expect Martin to propose…

One day I plucked up enough courage to tell my sister, and she encouraged me to ask him!  I was unprepared and not sure how to do it, so I waited until we went on holiday and set up my surprise, with my sister and best friend waiting at home for a message from me!  After three days of waiting for the right moment, I decided to do it!   While Martin took a shower I prepared everything,  I blindfolded Martin and we sat down on the big sofa in our room.  We often surprise each other, so he wasn’t too amazed… I took of the blindfold and couldn’t say anything! There was a photo on the table of me catching the bouquet, a piggy bank to save some money and a card showing a bride and groom, inside I had written “Will you marry me?!” He was confused, and I thought he was going to run away again!  Then we hugged and from that moment we were engaged! The rest of our holiday was amazing, we loved the feeling of being engaged!

At our wedding, I got a book from my sister and my friend with the words “Dear Nina, the dream that you have never dreamed of, is finally fulfilled!” That was the best decision of my life!

See more of Britta’s work at and check back tomorrow to see Nina & Martin’s quirky, graphic, vintage-inspired wedding!


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