love shoot #36: one day {andre & charme}

Today I’m excited to be sharing this sweet engagement shoot from Jacques at Real Simple Photography, all the way from sunny Cape Town.

A simple and relaxed barefoot stroll along the beach, these images have a beautiful dream-like quality to them.  I especially love Andre & Charme’s story, which is very sweet (and funny!)

André is from Johannesburg and he moved to Cape Town in October 2007. I was born and bred in Cape Town and was 18 and in the final year of school when we met.  I was friends with Andre’s cousin and while out in Stellenbosch with my girlfriends one evening, we ran into them at a bar in Stellenbosch.  I hardly paid attention because André didn’t seem to be my type and I just wanted to dance with the girls.  The next thing I know, André grabs my hand and starts to dance with me! At first I was embarrassed but he was such a good dancer I eventually didn’t care! I think we probably danced from two hours straight!  After dancing (and a few drinks) he gives me a hug and the next moment he kisses me, but I was still not really interested in him – in fact – he annoyed me a bit! He took my number at the end of the evening anyway.

After about a month of chatting on the phone and having drinks together, he phoned me and said that he had to go back to Johannesburg for two weeks, I was so disappointed and missed him and his verbal diarrhea! Eventually when he came back I realised I was head over heels in love with him! 

After three years of dating, just after I turned 21, I was fed with just seeing André over weekends as we lived in different parts of Cape Town.  I started hinting that I would like to get married.  André kept on telling me that he was not ready and that we will definitely get married “eendag” (one day) – hence the theme of our engagement shoot.

I have a particular affection with their story, as Mr Bijoux used the word ‘eendag’ during our relationship too!

 Then, one day after work he asked me to meet him at a farm store outside of Cape Town, I just wanted to go home but agreed non the less.  We then drove to a apple farm and he told me he had to go look at a set of drums to buy and that we must just wait for the seller so we might as well take a drive on the farm. We stopped at a huge dam with the mountain behind it but I hardly appreciated the view as I was freezing and hungry and my mood was depreciating rapidly!

When I turned around, there was a board hanging on a pole that read “eendag” and I thought how ironic because that is what André kept telling me when I talked about marriage. I really thought it belonged on the farm and that it was just a coincidence. André started pointing at it and wiggling is ring finger and I thought that he was being a real idiot. Then next moment he took something out of his camera back and came over to me. I went on him knees and asked me to marry him! “eendag” turned into “vandag” (today)!! He decided that he wanted to marry me the previous December and had the ring made even before I started with my nagging but I honestly didn’t suspect I thing – he was quite the actor!

Congratulations Andre & Charme!  Now your one day has turned into your everyday! I hope you continue to be very happy!

Jacques, from Real Simple Photography, will be visiting the UK next summer, so if you like his style why not book your own engagement session, family shoot, or wedding?!




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