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Good afternoon lovelies! Two shoot Tuesday is back this week, in fact we’ve got so much content lined up for the next couple of weeks you’re going to see a few two-post days! Woop woop!

Towards the end of last year, I hosted a little giveaway with photographer Yolande De Vries to win a Fearless Bridal session. Our gorgeous winner was Vicky, who wanted the opportunity not only to rock her frock again, but also to do things a little differently to her wedding day.

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Here’s Vicky’s entry ~

I’m not sure if I’m allowed to enter this, given my wedding was WAY back in 2009… but there are so many reasons I’d love to win this shoot, mostly to do with how I’d love to get the opportunity to do things differently from how I did my wedding:

1) After living in London for almost 10 years (I moved here from the States), we were torn between having our wedding in London or in the New Forest where we have spent a lot of time. We ended up choosing the New Forest, so I’d LOVE to do the shoot in London, capturing some of those gorgeous London sights (black cabs, double decker buses, the parks…) that have been such a big part of my life for so long now.

2) Having only set up my business AFTER I got married, I didn’t get the opportunity to wear my own statement headpieces – I’d love to be able to dress up in some of my own pieces as I’m always just a teeny little bit jealous of my brides :) (and I’d wear a sash with my dress!)

3) I wore my hair up. I really regret that.

4) I could do with a good reason to lose 5 pounds which would most definitely have to happen before I fit into my dress again!

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Trevor and I were so excited to win the Fearless Bridal shoot with Yolande – I know it is traditionally supposed to be just the bride, but I just loved the idea of being able to get some photos of us in our finery in iconic London, especially in the City where we both work, so I begged Yolande to let me bring my husband! Of course she said yes (cause she’s brilliant!)

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On a fairly chilly Saturday morning we drove over to the city and met Yolande. She helped me change into my wedding dress in a parking lot (very glam) and off we went. We all had a blast, especially getting all the congratulations from the tourists around St Paul’s who thought we’d just got married! My husband got quite a few pearls of wisdom, mostly from unmarried 20 year olds!

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It was great to be able to get some photos of us in the parts of London we both know and love so much, especially as we chose to get married outside of London – it’s always been one of my “what-ifs” – a classic, elegant London wedding. Yolande took some amazing photos – my favourites are the ones in front of the Union Jack flag and those with my husband on the Millennium Bridge. London is such an amazing city with so many beautiful landmarks and it’s just brilliant to have these memories.

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Yolande specialises in fashion, boudoir and wedding reportage-style photography. Her experience as a photojournalist is always evident in her highly individual style, honed from years of shooting everything from protests to red carpet events and behind-the-scenes fashion. I’d highly recommend Yolande for couples who want something a little different, just a quick peek at some of her latest work will have you smitten! Check out

Fancy your own Fearless Bridal experience? Yolande offers 2 hour sessions at any location in the UK, complete with professional hair and make up for £450, and £280 without hair & makeup. Travel more than 50 miles outside London will incur travel costs.


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