love shoot: the joys of spring {ciara & johnny}

Morning bridettes and groomsters, can I call you that? Well, I just did!

Today I’m sharing a delightful engagement shoot from the lens of Irish husband and wife photography team Black Box Photography.  Full of gorgeous blossom, and a cute-as picnic for two this shoot is full of the joys of spring!  As the sun peeks out from it’s hiding place behind the clouds, Ciara and Johnny are bathed in beautiful sunlight, starting with a sweet and colourful picnic and followed by a stroll through the daffodil-filled woods

I remember as a student at 19 being told by a cousin of Johnny’s, on the bus home from Belfast, that he fancied me!! I told her to tell him thanks but I had a boyfriend (at that time) However two years later at 21, my best friends and I were on a night out when Johnny came over for a chat. His excuse to get my number was offering me a lift to Belfast next time he was going up to see his sister. I really thought nothing of it but a week later he text to say hello! We went on lots of dates but It took us six months before we became a couple and I’m glad we did. 

Four years later we got engaged. I was just about to graduate from university and everyone thought he would do it then, or they expected us to get engaged when we were on holiday! Johnny always said he’d do it when I’d least expect it. I  didn’t ever care how he would do it as long as it was him doing it!! So I really was surprised when he did it the month before I graduated on his birthday. As I sat on my bed with his presents laid out to give him, he was on the floor rooting through his barber bag mumbling about having to cut my brothers hair. He pulled out a box and was on one knee. I knew what he was going to do and started to cry and laugh at the same time. He said to me ‘what better birthday present could I have than for you to say you would be my wife’! Of course I said yes. It was a total surprise. He wanted to do it when I was least expecting it and I really wasn’t on that evening!! I then ran out of the house screaming I was engaged! Earlier that week I had read my horoscope to Johnny and my parents. It said I would be asked a question by someone with the initial J. We all laughed but at that time Johnny had already asked my Dad for his permission to ask me to marry him. My horoscope was right!

Three years later we are getting closer to the big day. We chose our reception to be at Corick House because of the 17th Century setting, with many original features we fell in love with it’s charm! Nowhere else was getting a look in. The walled garden and view of the valley made it a picturesque setting for our wedding. Everyone will love it’s relaxed atmosphere. Plus we have a love for the outdoors, flowers and countryside, so it’s really perfect! I especially love antiques and feel right at home there.  Our wedding will have a vintage feel with a touch of magic. We have a few surprises up our sleeve but will have to keep that a secret for the big day!

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