Today’s engagement shoot has it all – it is so clearly heaped with love, you can see it emanating from their eyes and every pore, it is in a stunning setting and it has a lovely lovely love story. I am talking fairy tale meeting, and so artfully written by bride-to-be Thea, that you will just have to read it all once you’ve ogled the lovely pictures…

Here is Thea and Krushi, beautifully captured by Roberta Facchini Photography.

How we met: When I boarded a flight from London Heathrow to Kuala Lumpur Airport I didn’t know that somewhere on that flight was my future husband/best friend/roommate. I just wouldn’t know him until the next morning whilst waiting for my connecting flight…

Sitting down on the chair at the end of the row, minding my own business, I watch as this tall Indian boy walks directly to the seat next to me. He is wearing camel coloured chinos and white rimmed glasses. I have that feeling, you know that feeling- when you see something you like. Emotionally, I stop in my tracks the way a driver does an emergency break as a cat runs in front of their car.  This all happens in a split second of course. It looks totally natural. I don’t look like a creep. 

Said boy sits down next to me, and deciding to focus on my adventure ahead I forget about him and go back to examining every page of my passport. I can’t hold it in any longer, I sneeze. The sort of public sneeze you try to do as elegantly and quietly as possible. Damn air-conditioning. In this moment the boy finds God and blesses me. Thanking him, he then takes this as an invitation to start a conversation and this mildly irritates me. I want to reflect and focus, damn it! I find out he was also on the flight from London and is travelling alone too.  It has been about half an hour now and I’m laughing… a lot. This guy is so funny, I feel a little guilty about my secret bad manners. We board the flight to Singapore and head for our separate assigned seats.

I land in Singapore armed with the address of my hostel and the name of the tube station. The arrivals lounge starts to clear and as I wait for my bag whilst simultaneously looking for the exit, I spot the boy walking towards me, if I may add, looking equally lost and confused. After some chatter about the absence of a tube station sign, we decide, as our hostels are only streets apart, to hop in the taxi together. I’m sitting there in awe and amazement at the shiny buildings and tree-lined avenues that flash past the window as the humidity hits me. The realisation that I’m in a taxi with a total stranger hits me and I make the suggestion that we drop him off at his hostel first, you know, for safety reasons and all that (I have recently watched Taken and realise my stupidity at getting in a taxi with a handsome stranger). Having forgotten to change his Sterling into Dollars (a likely story, I assume I have a freeloader on my hands), he starts to throw British coppers at me and promises to meet me in an hour to exchange his share of the taxi ride and perhaps lunch.

I’m backpacking and that taxi was expensive – I sure as hell meet him to get my cash back.

However, as two newbies in a city together, we do go for lunch, dinner, drinks, a trip to the zoo, and in no time at all we are spending every day for the following two months together traveling through South East Asia. Travelling is such a funny thing, in such a small space of time you create such amazing friendships with people. It’s like time stands still as you go about exploring, discovering and enjoying new lands. One day feels like a week.

I know I have found someone special when, 3 days into our trip, we are on an overnight bus to Kuala Lumpur and, in that pleasant lull of sleep and consciousness, I feel him putting his jacket over me and proceeding to tuck me in to protect me from the fierce air-conditioning. I’m so touched by the kindness of this relative stranger. After two months I return back home to the UK and we decide to meet up 6 months later where we both get jobs in Madagascar for 3 months or so.

A year later on the anniversary of the day we met, we take a viewing of what would become our first home. We have been together for nearly 4 years and our love is a peaceful kind of love filled with laughter and mischief! We are both quite goofy!

The proposal: Our proposal was intimate. We recently bought our first house together and unknown to me he was going to propose the day we got the keys! I was shooting an editorial miles away though and turned up two hours late! So I later found out that he bottled it that day! The next day we decided to meet at the house and with the busy season coming up (and totally oblivious to the fact he was going to propose) I decided to make the most of the quiet week and turned up makeup free, in sweatpants and a gilet, ready to slide my unmanicured hands into marigolds and start scrubbing the house clean!  

He turned up wearing his suit and was acting very strange indeed! He was being super emotional and I thought… “Err..Wow, he really is so emotional about this new house!” He was saying the sweetest things to me and I was just not expecting a proposal so I was slightly killing the mood by saying “I love you very much too BUT we need to get this place cleaned! Get changed! Come clean the bathroom with me!” If only I had known! When I went back down stairs he was there playing our song, we had a little dance around our new empty living before he got down on his knee and through tears from both of us asked me to marry him (with my dream ring!). I was so shocked! All I could think was “Oh no I’m in a gilet!!”.  


Emma K

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