Luxury Picnic Proposal: A How-To Guide

Looking for an unforgettable but affordable way to propose to your loved one? There are so many fabulous ideas if you are looking to propose on a budget but one that holds a special place in B’LOVED’s heart is a luxury picnic proposal.


If you put in some planning time, a luxury picnic proposal can be intimate and visually spectacular, the secret recipe to an unforgettable proposal. We have some tips to help you DIY the whole thing but there are also a wealth of event professionals who can help you achieve the perfect luxury picnic if you’d prefer to go that route.

Be prepared and plan ahead. Think carefully about the location for your picnic proposal. Would you prefer somewhere like a park with a view or a cozy corner in your backyard? Having a picnic hamper loaded with all your essentials, like bug spray, toothpicks and napkins, can also help to ensure things run smoothly. Some outdoor games can also add some fun-factor.

The details matter. Spend some time thinking about your picnicscape. What kind of vibe are you going for – luxe, beach chic, boho? Remember that things like linens, crockery and cushions can add wow factor if styled well. Here is some tablescape inspiration from some of our favourite stylists: Casa de Perrin, Hankie Pankie Tables and Sugokuii Events.

Make it personal. As this is a proposal picnic, personalisation is key. Think about ways that you can make the experience personal for your loved one. There are numerous ways that you can achieve this. Some examples include creating a playlist of sentimental songs or serving their favourite food.

Think about the weather. Weather can be unpredictable. Keep some umbrellas nearby in case needed. These can be used to provide protection from both rain or the sun. Also make sure you have sunscreen, sunglasses and hats, especially if the picnic is a surprise.

The big question. Most importantly, plan how you want to pop the question. If you plan to make a speech, prepare in advance and remember that practise makes perfect. Other creative options you might like to consider include using a lightbox or chalkboard message or some other kind of signage. Scoping out a good spot in advance for photographs to capture this special moment is advisable and think about packing a tripod or selfie stick if it will just be the two of you. 


B’LOVED spoke to VickI Ryvchin from Milk & Honey Picnics, a professional pop up picnic planner from Sydney, to get some pro tips on how to set up the perfect luxury picnic proposal. 

What are your tips for planning the perfect luxury picnic? 

Find a location that reflects who you are. Make it a surprise. No matter what deception and cunning is required to keep your partner guessing, it’s worth it. I’ve now been a part of dozens of surprise proposals (and had one myself) and nothing rivals the euphoria of the moment. Make sure the setup is exquisite and blows the mind. If you don’t have the decor and finishing for that, leave it to us. I think fresh flowers are a must, they add elegant splendour to the occasion and you can then take them home and even have them preserved as a memento. 

What are the best catering options for a picnic?

In my experience, the person being proposed to never eats after the proposal but the one proposing is famished and knocks down everything on offer. Visually appealing food is great so think charcuterie, seafood, desserts, fresh fruit and berries.


For more inspiration on how to throw a DIY luxury picnic in the park, check out this video from Live & Gather Co.