Magical Wedding at Villa Montanare, Tuscany

Happy Friday Lovelies! Let us whisk you away to beautiful Tuscany for a few moments today with this magical wedding inspiration at Villa Montanare. Perched on a hill overlooking a breathtaking panoramic view of the Val d’Esse and Valdichiana Valley and surrounded by picturesque cypresses, pines, figs, fruit trees, rosemary bushes, lavender, oleander, cacti, time-worn olive terraces and stone walls! Authentic Italian details which we dream of for a wedding venue!

Weddings by Silke designed a romantic shoot to inspire you, captured by Octavia Plus Klaus, starting with the bride getting ready in and around this beautiful Villa, followed by a intimate ceremony at the higher olive terrace enjoying views of the Val di Esse and Val di Chiana. We also ask Silke about getting married in Tuscany – what makes it such a special place and what would be her expert tips for you planning your wedding there!

Tell us what about Tuscany makes it such a beautiful place to get married:

There are so many reasons who make Tuscany so attractive for weddings. This place is just magical, therefore many people from around the world dreaming of a wedding in Tuscany and don’t hesitate to travel many many hour to make their dream come true:

  • The weather: Between May and September you have day and night warm temperatures – it is dry warm so you can partying outside the whole night and enjoy the dolce vita
  • The food & vines: We don’t have to discuss about – every little child knows about the amazing Italian kitchen and vines. We have often guests from around the world which are overwhelmed about the simple but so tasteful kitchen in Tuscany. Every piece if cheese, ham, fruits or vegetables taste here always a bit better then on other places. Why? We think this is the secret of the Tuscany.
  • The locations: We think nowhere else around the world you will have such a large selection of amazing wedding venues like in Tuscany – either if old elegant or rustic Villas or an old winery. The charm of the old world draws people into his spell.
  • The landscape: Tell me one human who didn’t fall in love with these olive trees, cypress, pines, rosemary, lavender, oleander, citrus fruit, vine and those rolling hills etc.?
  • The culture: The Etruscan are very special peaceful people with an very long history. Did you know that they never starts a war? These people have always been a very modest and poor folk and anyhow how less they have, they like to share everything with you. Since we moved into this beautiful country we had so many heart-touching moments. The Tuscan people was every time so kind and helpful and welcomed us with open arms.
  • The lifestyle: Well if you come from a hardworking country like Germany you have to change a bit your thinking. Coming slowly down, take the life a bit easier and feel after some month like a newborn. Less is more – this will you feel in every single step you take, if food, or stress or decoration.

What are your favourite features for a Villa wedding?

Privacy: We think if you celebrate such an intimate event like a wedding you need a venue with a lot of privacy. The couple and their guests should feeling like home – this helps to create a very warm and intimate feeling.
Charm: A Villa in Tuscany have so much charm and if it is a destination wedding, the couple and the guests will have the chance to spend more quality time together and explore together this amazing country.
Unique: You know many people marry in a wedding location next to their home. To say yes in an old Villa in Tuscany is so cool and unique and you have for sure a breathtaking scenery for your best day ever.
Romantic: What could be more romantic as to say yes in the garden of an old villa between olive trees or a vineyard and partying under a starry sky?

What are your top tips for couples planning a Villa wedding?

  • Keep it simple! If you rent a beautiful Villa for your best day ever you don’t need to decorate and style that much. There are so many lovely details and amazing surroundings that you just need to put it in the right place.
  • Invite just your closest family and friends and stay together with them in a Villa for some days. We suggest always a casual welcome dinner – like a pizza party or just Antipasti etc. You create an intimate atmosphere and at the end you will have an emotional ceremony and an overexcited party – as the people feeling much more comfortable.
  • Choose a Villa which you can use exclusive of you.
  • Check out the neighbourhood – above all if you like to partying all night long.
  • Stay calm and book a wedding planner. The people in Italy have a different understanding of responding emails, calls etc. therefore I have often couples which like to engage me just some month before their wedding as they go crazy with the Italian mentality . They is great for holidays but not so trustful if you plan your wedding. A wedding planner have his trustful vendors and he know how to handle them.

Tell us about the special Villa Montanare, it’s location in Tuscany and it’s style:

Our magical Villa Montanare is a stand-alone farmhouse est.1640 with real historic rustic and minimalistic elements. The Villa is perched on a hill overlooking a breathtaking panoramic view of the Val d’Esse and Valdichiana Valley and surrounded by a paradisiac variety of cypresses, pines, figs, fruit trees, rosemary bushes, lavender, oleander, cacti, time-worn olive terraces and stone walls and a sunset to dying for. The location is perfect for a rustic or rustic elegant garden wedding with long tables or round tables between the olive trees. The ceremony can take place on our arch with an really spectacular view. As the next neighbours are far away you can partying as long as you like.




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