It’s time to meet Amy Bowley, the pretty face behind Bo Boutique.  Florist, stylist and secret dress maker, this super creative lady is taking the wedding world by storm.  She’ll be sharing her love of flowers with us in her monthly floral inspiration guide – with totally steal-able ideas not just for your wedding day but super simple arrangements to make at home too!

And here’s five things you need to know about Amy –

  • Gold – Gangsta Chic (with very little chic!) If its heavy, if its gold, if it looks like Mr T should be wearing it…I probably own it or want it! My jewellery box looks like a scene from an 80’s Brooklyn pawn brokers! Mixing ‘aggressive’ jewellery with every day clothes and beautiful fabrics is, I suppose you could say, my look!
  • Pink hair. I can often be found sporting a pale pink barnet
  • Frozen yoghurt. I’m still (unsuccessfully) trying to perfect a recipe to make my own… the less said about my peanut butter flavoured frozen yoghurt, the better…!
  • David Attenborough. The adoration I have for that wonderful man is immeasurable
  • Handwritten letters


When I'm not surrounded by flowers or sketching out styling plans, I can be found dreaming of moving to California, renovating my house in West Hampstead and obsessing over my extremely lazy dog, Tilly!