Lovely Lisa is the first of our new Little B writers, one half of Sweetpea PR, mum to adorable baby Albie, and all round stylish lady I’m so happy to welcome her to the Little B team!

Here’s five things you need to know about Lisa –

  • I’m half Dutch, my mum is from Holland and I try to emulate my roots by applying copious amounts of bleach to my hair and plaiting it wherever possible!
  • I met my husband when I was 14, we met on a school skiing trip and have been together ever since, it only took him 13 years to propose!
  • I’m obsessed with popcorn, it’s my favourite part about going to the cinema and I can devour a family size bucket to myself before the movie has even started. Salt and sweet is my favourite combination.
  • I’m happiest when I have an event to plan; birthdays, hen do’s, weddings, Christmas – if there is something to be celebrated you can bet I’ve got a Pinterest board, endless lists and an outfit picked out already!
  • My husband says I’m the most sentimental person he knows and I keep anything and everything that reminds me of a certain occasion – this has only become worse since I had my little boy!


As creative director of Sweetpea PR I spend my days securing press coverage for some of the UK's leading luxury bridal brands, being obsessed with all things wedding related and pretty, setting up Sweetpea with my twin sister was a dream come true! In my spare time I have another great love in my life, my little boy Albie. His arrival a year ago spurred on a whole new interest and my daily Instagram and Pinterest feed is now more likely to be filled with baby style inspiration and nursery decor! I am never happier than when scouring the internet for cute clothing finds and gaining inspiration for the next event I am planning!