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Men’s Engagement Rings: 26 Rings that Men Will Actually Want to Wear

Engagement rings, they’re no longer just for women. As gender equality becomes more important, it’s no longer only women who get to wear bling that says “I’m about to walk down the aisle”. 

Engagement rings are a relatively new wedding tradition. While lovers have been giving each other rings for centuries, the standard practice of giving your fiancé a diamond ring came about as a result of brilliant marketing by the De Beers mining company in the late 1930s. 

If this proves anything, it’s that while giving a ring is traditional, it’s not set in stone. This goes some way to explaining the rise of men’s engagement rings, also known as “mangagement rings”. Like Brangelina, this wordplay cleverly combines the word “man” and “engagement”.

Many couples are now choosing to both wear engagement rings to show their commitment to each other. The iconic brand, Tiffany & Co. recently released a range of men’s engagement rings. Both partners wearing a ring can create an extra special bond, as both can look down and be reminded of this next beautiful step they’re taking. Who doesn’t like a gift that symbolises eternal love? 

The increase in interest in the mangagement ring has been helped by male celebrities who have taken to sporting their own. Michael Buble was known for showing off his ring well before it was popular, back in 2010, saying that it was his fiancé’s (who is from Argentia) tradition.  Ed Sheeran more recently sported a silver engagement band in 2018, further pushing the mens engagement ring agenda. 

Much like traditional engagement rings, mens bands can sport beautiful diamonds, either one simple rock in the middle of a band or a full band of sparkle. If your man is not the ostentatious kind, then simple bands in gold, silver or even onyx are the way to go. 

You can also include an engraving to add a personalised touch. If more conventional engagement rings are your calling B.LOVED has put together all the trends that shaped 2020, all of which still apply today. 

But if you want to surprise your man we’ve put together some exciting engagement rings that he will be proud to wearno matter what kind of bloke, rogue or squire you’ve captured! Not every ring has to be classified as mens, nor does it have to be an engagement ring. All that matters is whether it feels right.

All About the Bling 

Diamonds are everyone’s best friend. If your man doesn’t shy away from something that sparkles then an engagement ring featuring a diamond or a whole set of diamonds is the way to go. For those looking for something a little understated, there are bands with just one or two diamonds while something a little larger is on offer for those who really like the accent for their everyday look.

A Classic Band 

If you know your partner will appreciate something a bit simpler, there are a number of men’s engagement rings that combine style and simplicity. Created out of one simple metal or a combination of a few, pick the colour that works best for his skin and will compliment him best. If you’d like to add a bit of flavour, opt for a slight twist or brushed look.

On the Dark Side 

To appeal to the masculine palette and differentiate between the mangagement ring and the wedding band, try something entirely different. Black or darker coloured men’s engagement rings are unique and stand out even at their simplest. The range for these alternate style rings is wide. For the more absent minded male, silicone options are available and for those who love something a bit extra, the reinvention of a signet ring might work better. These are punchy, will stand out and tell a story.



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